2013. június 12., szerda

Secret travel plans revealed

 I'm in New York! 

I arrived yesterday, and will go to a camp, to be a Camp Counsellor for children and adults with special needs. Updates will be rare, till the end of august. 

Not like this.

Also, I really recommend Blancanieve, awesome movie, I've watched it on the plane. Don't watch if corridas, death, murder, kissing a corpse disgust you. Watch if you like noir movies, set in the 1920's. :D

After 22 hours without sleep.

Wish me luck!

5 megjegyzés:

Norewa írta...

Take care dear! And send me a postcard, please.

Insomniac's Attic írta...

OMG, I love New York! Friendliest people ever! Have a wonderful summer. :o)

Jade írta...

That sounds like an amazing advventure! I hope you have time to make even some posts about your time in the USA, they would be really interesting. :)

Mary Poppins írta...

Thank you all! I hope it'll be fine!

Therése írta...

I want to visit NY too! Btw, you've got purple ombre hair? If so, it looks fantastic