2013. május 25., szombat

In Hamburg

I rarely post pictures of myself, so here is one:

The conversation before my sister took the picture:  

"- Smile! Think about something funny! 
- Like the bridge collapses, I fell into the shallow water, hit my head and die? 
- Yeah, whatever."

Have a nice weekend!

4 megjegyzés:

Norewa írta...

Idiot! :D

Mary Poppins írta...

Love you, too! :D

Insomniac's Attic írta...

I think it's funny ... first commenter your sister?

P.S. We have exactly the same glasses. Obviously, we both have excellent taste. :o)

Mary Poppins írta...

The insomniac: Haha, no, she is the fairy godmother of this blog, as she started to call me Mary Poppins! :)

Wow, I "collect" people who are fond of round glasses, now the list is up to four!

Everybbody wears those thick black rimmed glasses, so I needed a change!

PS.: Family and friends agree, that I have nice taste in glasses, but terrible in sunglasses. :D