2013. május 5., vasárnap

Fallen from the Bat house & Start Again

Last week I had too much party and unhealthy diet. I'm talking about the Lord of the Drinks game with home made burgers. Geez, look at these:
A heart-shaped burger-meat for me, made by My love. How thoughtful! :)
Mojito and Cheeseburger with tomatoes. Omnomnom.

Also, last week was a "party week" so my body need some detoxication. No caffein. No alcohol. No carbs. This will be a hard day. XD 

Nah, seriously. People made offerings, for higher goals, during ancient times:

I offer to burn fat... not like a slaughtered goat's like in the old times, but my own. If you don't get the joke: At least one hour of movement every day.
I offer healthy lifestyle so everything will be fine about my secret travel plan. If something bad happens in the future, I'll say: This happened, because I used the elevator back then instead of the stairs. Or drank sugarypinksweet cocktails, instead of wine and sparkling water.

With Monsieur Montignac I've lost 5 kilos, in less than a month, now I plan to loose a bit more, as I've gained a bit more during the nasty and dark Eastern-Europian winter, wich lasted this year for five whole months. :D 

Now that spring arrived everybody became so happy, that the streets are full with drunk people during night... And a flowercarpet happened, instead of hangover. :)

My pretty peep-toe birdy shoes. You can't see the birds on this one. Maybe next time.

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Lynette írta...

That is a beautiful picture of the fallen petals on the ground.

Spring is the best time to lose weight! Since the body wants to be more active now that it is warmer and doesn't need to store the extra fat to protect from the winter temperatures. Good luck with your goals!

I've also heard that after a week of partying and eating a lot of junk food, it can be good for the body to fast for a day or two. Just to clear the system of all the junky build up.

Insomniac's Attic írta...

I've heard good things about that Montignac diet. Did you find it hard to stick to? It obviously works if you've lost 5kg in a month! Congratulations! :o)

Mary Poppins írta...

Lynette: Thank you! Those petals were amazing, the whole street was covered in them.

I did some accidental fasting yesterday, as I forgot to bring my lunch to school... :D

The Insomniac:
Hope that this year I'll be done with losing the winter weight in such a short time again!
It's hard sometimes, as I love fresh crunchy bread and potatoes, but other "basics" like meat, yoghurt, eggs, and cheese is allowed, only with fruit and veggies. Every week I have one "sinner day" when I can eat whatever I want (but sensible portion), even yummie potatoes. :)