2013. május 7., kedd


Step aerobic to Combichrist. 
Mute the blonde, start the music, and even if you won't do step-aerobic, you'll have a good laugh smile inside.:)

Pro: Burns fat, and makes you feel soooppeer-übergoth if you excersise in clubwear.

Cons: Step aerobik is bad for your joints, especially the knees. The choreography is too complicated for me.

 Because nobody hates them. :)

 Pros: It's fun, and you can do it while watching TV, or reading something nice.  You can DIY a black one.

Cons: After about an hour my skin gets red and itchy from the pressure, not that effective calorie burner. 

2 megjegyzés:

Jade írta...

You're right, one starts to smile, if not laugh! :D

Mary Poppins írta...

Thank you!

I still haven't tried it. :D