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Underrated writers: Bithia Mary Croker

I've  decided to write about one theme I particularly like: books! From now on, every Tuesday, I'll write about an underrated writer. I  love to see an elegant goth with an old book in her/his hands. Sometimes I even match my outfits to my books...

Bithia Mary Crocker's books are mostly love storys, with happy end. She published between, 1882-1919. There's no pont in copy-pasting the brief wikipedia page about her life here, HERE you can read it. 
 The heroine is usually a real Lady, and acts by the rules "noblesse oblige. " They all have a tiny little flaw in their personality, like stubbornness, or pride, so they are loveable, and easy to identify with them. Especially, after they meet Him, but there are certain reasons that they couldn't be happy, and get married immediatly. The other characters are much more realistic: in my favourite, "The spanish necklace"  an elderly widow, Mrs. Tudor is like I imagine Binthia: she helps a lonely heiress, who was formerly poor and has low self-esteem become a happy and elegant girl.  

The two mains are too good to belive sometimes, however, she can sketch a whole perconality with two sentences. Oh, and there IS character development. 

The couple earns happiness. They live happily ever after. You might call it shallow, or way too simple. I need happy endings sometimes. Great for times you feel gloom, and don't want to.

Cultural snobbery-factor:
 "You have probably never heard of her..." My Grandmother told me, that her Grandmother  also read the books. 

 My reaction:
 Will I ever live happily ever after? Or become a crazy cat lady? Should I write novels? I WISH I could be Heshter Ford. 

 Hard to find all the novels, amazon.com offers them. You can read  "The Spanish Necklace" online.  

Update: You can read some of her stories on Goodreads, a site wich features books with expired copyright.  HERE. 

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Eco In Black írta...

I am looking forward to settling in with a mug of tea and an under-rated writer. Love the theme!

Lynette írta...

What a great idea for a series. I'll enjoy seeing what you recommend, given the new challenge I just gave myself for the summer. Unfortunately, a quick search of my library's catalogue revealed only one short story by her.

Mary Poppins írta...

Thank you both!

I'll try to find online versions, as Bithia's copyright is expired, so some of her stories are available on goodread. Hope this helps! :)