2013. április 14., vasárnap

No Shopping March: Results

Sorry for the rare updates, but I was so busy organising secret travel plans. I don't want to jinx it, so it'll remain secret, till I am there... :D

This "no shopping" thing wasn't as hard as I expected. I've realised: I don't really shop, anyway. This weekend it was a sales weekend, organised by a beauty magazine. They handed out vouchers with the april issue, up to 40% off. I returned with a "politically correct" kitty patterned PJ, a trouser, and a concealer. I spent two whole days in shopping malls, and that was all I ended up with. A nice stylist lady told me, that she doesn't get why I signed up for the free style advice, as she can see, that I have my own personal taste, and have a great sense not fashon, but style. I guess that "grown up goth" thing works. ^^
As I also signed up for (free!) makeup advice, so on these picture, I am barefaced. :)

Black wig. I want my hair to look like this.

Or this: Own hair, fake bangs.
Mum told me, that with bangs and no makeup  I look like a cute, but not very bright fourteen-year-old. :)

4 megjegyzés:

Insomniac's Attic írta...

Mum! Ouch!! :D

Mary Poppins írta...

I totally deserved that, as she tried on a long wavy blonde one, and I explained her what a "cougar" is. :D

Lesthis gothworld írta...

That wig is awesome but your own hair looks very pretty too! :D

Insomniac's Attic írta...

Oh well, then yes - I'd say you're even! LOL