2013. március 20., szerda

Monthly Homework assignment: Spring

Time for another monthly theme post, now about spring! 

Writing about spring is hard, as a few days ago we were covered in  snow, and the temperature is still below zero during nights.  Probably you came across some "meanwhile in Hungary" pictures. or perhaps you didn't.
Or this in the news: 

I love the narration, like in old movies. I should listen to more BBC news. ^^

We celebrate Easter, and usually, the whole family have the egg-finding competition and "watering". 
 Start with the tradition of watering: Man and boys get together, and visit every friend, and "water" all the female family members, so they won't wither away (remain single, and/or childless) that year. (1. what is wrong with that? 2. It's like the remain of an annual fertility ritual, don't you think?) Girls, after being "watered" give painted or chocolate eggs in return. Watering is done with (cheap) perfume on the head, but we have it better, because not that long time ago, men did it with ice cold water. Okay, in some places and families it's still real water. 

Looks like fun, huh? From HERE.
I really dislike the tradition of watering, as it includes listening to (sometimes vulgar and offensive) "watering poems" and multiple hairwashes to get rid of the smell. Also, guys get cool eggs and sometimes money, girls get stinky hair. (And I didn't mention the rape-like sadism of pouring cold water on held-down girls.)

Cool eggs, from HERE.
 The tradition of egg search is so much better: It's like plaing a hidden object game live! Dad usually wakes up early, and hides small chocolate eggs in the garden, and we have to find them. We usually share in the end, so we all have the same amount of eggs.

I'm the one in the polka dot skirt.
And the food, oh, the food. Ham, eggs boiled in the same water, and fresh veggies.  

The best part.

Yesterday morning, I left the house, and freshly bloomed violets greeted me. In the afternoon, it started raining, and it turned to snow. Again. The violets froze. Today morning they were bright purple again. 

I am the one that should do something about it, as my name means "springbringer faery/witch." I wish I could bring spring for real. In some regions, around the end of february people dressed up a hay doll, named it "winter witch", and burned it, as a symbol for destroying winter itself. Forecasts says it'll snow again during weekend. 

Snow, on my way home a few days ago.

Where can I get some hay? :D

2013. március 18., hétfő

Middle of No shopping March: Confessions

This month wasn't as hard as I expected. The weather is way to cold to leave for long time, and I hate to carry around my coat in a mall.


Nothing, not even temptation. I have everything. Exept the cherry-skull dress.

Makeup and beauty: 

I am guilty, it was a mistake to pop in the "BIG BEAUTY SALE" shop, I ended up with buying more than i planned. The plan was to grab Dita von Teese fake eyelashes. Instead of about 3890 Forints  (12 euros or 16 usa dollars) it was 800 Forints, (2 euros or 3 usa dollars).
The unplanned was the lipliner, for 500 forints, instead of 2190, wich is less than 2 euros or a bit more than two dollars. I told you, that reduced price is my weakness! 

Others: Nail stickers, for a price of a cheap coffe, and an unique dark purple nailpolish one shade darker purple nailpolish, than the one I already have.

It's not that much, so I'd call it a success. Perhaps I'll  make it even longer, no new clothes till summer.

(Exept the cherry-skull dress.)

2013. március 8., péntek

Pink hairtips

Yesterday my friend spent approximately three hours with my hair. We aimed for purple-brown ombre style, instead of faded mahagony. The tips became a very bright shade of pink, and I love it! 

Heh, I have dimples.

They look wet, as I applied generous amounts of Lush R&B "hairtip moisturiser." The good thing is, that if I wear it in chignon, I can still look conservative.  


2013. március 5., kedd

Not THAT Goth but Mary Poppins

Eco in Black wrote an interesting post a while ago, about labels. That made me realise: Goth is a label, I liked to use when describing my style. When I was a teen, I responsed to subcultural cathegorisation, stating, that I only try to be myself, and if that makes me a part of a subculture, well, good for them. I really don't give a pile of glitter. Later, when I really became involved in the subculture, I gave up. Fine, I AM a goth, after all, or Dark Alternative, as I prefer to call. Now, the scene here is fallen apart. People grew up, for most it was just a phase, after all. The label "goth" limits me now, so I return to the start. 

No more labels.
The only labels I should use, from HERE.

I won't label myself. People will do, anyway, so why bother?

One of my Icons, Ophelia Checked is my new background, as she walks by the Danube.
 The teenage girl, who wore purple boots, leopard print tights, and turqoise shirt cheers inside me.I have to dig up my torn pale blue fishnets.

2013. március 1., péntek

Purple dilemmas

Time for another Monthly Theme Post! I have to admit, I nlove to read those, but only participated once. I'm lonely, and don't have anyone to take pictures of me for outfit posts. However this month the theme is about something that is on my mind for a while: PURPLE. My second favourite colour is purple, (after blue), so now that my room got renowated, I have some ideas and needs to make it even prettier.


Most of the furniture got changed from ugly brown to white. Notice the amazing purple rug? It was a birthday gift from My Love! The plan is to get a purple, blue and white room, with turqoise and black decorations.

Left to do: Sewing matching curtains, tablecloth and a chair cushion. Change the enourmous olive green beanchair's case.  But what colours? Black and purple for the beanbags is one idea, black and white stipes is another.

I'll paint it white, and the perhaps change the knobs. or simply paint them turqoise.

The inspiration was this picture:



 My hair near the roots will be the same dark brown, and I plan to bleach the ends, and dye them purple. The other plan was to cut it shorter, but I can do it after trying this crazy and bit too trendy ombre style. 

Some more purple beauty inspiration.

 What do you think? I like, how it looks like the hair is accidentally dipped in ink...
But feel free to tell the truth, even if it's "OMFG, I'd never let anyone do that to my hair!"