2013. február 28., csütörtök

No shopping until April

This year I haven't bought new clothes (yet!) so why not keep up with that good work? I already have too much "stuff." I threw out a pile of expired vouchers for special offers,  wich were very tempting, and realised: I planned to buy them, but didn't. And I didn't miss anything at all.

 Every time I think about shopping something, I'll have to put the same amount in a cute pigy dogy bank, along with the notes of the desired material posession. Opening on the 1st of april. By that time, I'll get rid of the totally normal winter weight, and plan to order the Cherry Skull Dress. This ha a special story: In 2008, I tried it on, but couldn't afford. The beautyful salesgirl told me, that it looks so pretty on me, and she wishes that she looked this cool. I was shocked, as she seemed sincere, not the "I talk you into buying this dress so I can get more money"-type, and in my opinion she looked way better than I did. She had a perfect, lean body, I was slim and curvy, and we both were jealous! So funny.

Shop from Ticci on Etsy.
   Anyway, it was too loose on my hip, and too tight on my chest, and I was glad to see, that Ticci takes custom orders, too!


Porcelain Doll from <Form of ugliness> came to the same idea, only six days earlier than I did! She even hosts an event, so smart! I'm joining, check her blog, too! 

2013. február 25., hétfő

Rosepetal pendant

These rosepetals are from last midsummer's night celebration, where My love jumped over the fire for me, and we drank yummie "love potions". There were wild rosepetals on the table, and I saved a few to remember that magical night. To keep it close to me, I've made a pendant.

2013. február 15., péntek

Letter to future me...

Today I turned 25, and decided to write a letter to future 30-year old myself. While I tidying up my room, I've found a letter from my 18 year-old myself, and I was slightly disappointed, that it didn't included any gifts. So, I threw in my all-time favourite cigarette, Djarum Black in the envelope. I had this odd leftover Black for more than three years, as once I've decided, that this will be my last cigarette ever. I stopped, and don't want to fall in the trap of "oh, just one LAST" and become a smoker again. Probably 30 year-old me will frame it. ^^

I hope I'll be still alive, and won't forget it.  

2013. február 6., szerda

The Crown and the Mask

No, this is not the title of a historical-fantasy book, but some DIY. 

The Crown: Just planning

This was the ugliest little plastic crown, ever. Tacky neon green fur was on it, along with cheap-looking "silver" plastic pearls. I ripped them off, and cut the part on the back, and replaced it with an elastic band, to make it more comfy. The "before" pictures disappeared, (luckily, so your eyes won't start to bleed from it's uglyness) so here is a half finished stage:

I've tried to add some leftover babypink feather boa, but it was too short, I'll buy some black, instead. Black is always better. :D

Netbook charger makes stylish background.

The Mask: Adding glitter

I just had to do something with this mask. It looked OK, plain and elegant, but I wanted something more glamourous. 

Like red glitters. This wasn't enough.

 LOTS of red glitter. I had a "glitter glue" wich is (surprise!) the mixture of glitter and glue. However, if you store it for too long, glitter tends to stay in the tube. I had to cut it up, and smear the glitter with my hands. 

Looks like raw meat on this picture. :D

My sister agreed, that I'll find red glitter in my pants from three months now, and will have hard time to explain it.

Glittered properly.  

Silver swirls, drawn by my steady-handed Love will complete the "look."