2013. január 11., péntek

Christmas crafting for family members

So, I haven't posted them before Christmas, Because it would ruin the surprise. This first part is about what I gave to family  members.

My little sister, Lilla saw the boxes I've made for Blithe and Jade, and asked, if she can have something similar for christmas. She required soething purple, and black and laces, with some egg-mosaic.
First, I sandpapered the box, and drew on a heart.
After checking, that it's on its place, added contour paint. And painted it black.
Added the eggshells. And started to paint it with translucent glasspaint.


Added some pretty white lace.

I also painted the sides purple, and decoupaged with some lace-patterned paper.

For Tündi, my other sister I've cut out a cardboard poppy from a Flower by Kenzo Essentielle perfume box, added some anilinky paint for the antique effect, with contour paint made a frame, then glued the glass cover on. This wasn't her only gift, that's why it's so simple.

Lavanderbag for Granny's birthday: 

Layered bathsalt for my Love:

 And a final picture from the finished pretty snowglobes, for the "adults" in the family.

Literally it took WEEKS to make them, but worth it!

2013. január 10., csütörtök

Bat Fit 2013: Kickstart

First entry for the new year's edition.  I'll go grocery shopping today (soo interesting!) according to these rules:

Eating real food. 100 days of real food is a probe of a family to eat during 100 days without any sort of processed food. They've made it and after did the same on a budget, a weekly 125 USD for the four of them, I usually spend about 35 USD  on the two of us, is the US this expensive? Then I'm just lucky to be Europian, and get all fresh, whole, GMO-free food for reasonable price...

From their list of real food at first I've tried to follow the "cans" the next (harder) step  is to follow the "cannots."

What you CAN eat:

1. Whole foods. That's  what it's about. :D

2. Loads of fruits and vegetables. That's why I love summer, local markets sell all fresh things. I also like "pick for yourself" places: you go in, and pick three buckets of apricots, (while eating about another bucketfull directly from the tree), then pay for the amount you picked. ^^ No need to bring lunch there. 

3. Dairy products.  That's a tricky one: few years ago shops sold a product called "morning drink." It was white and arrived in the same package as milk. But it wasn't milk. Luckily, it got banned. There is a small local trade, wich sells good products, you can see that they expire in a few days, so they are not processed. 
My friend Vera says that dairy products don't go bad, they just transform. :D
 From cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, kefir, youghurt and butter is not as hard to get a quality product. 
On eggs the producer has to write that in what kind of environment were the hen, we usually choose barn eggs (is it what it's called?)  over cage. Organic costs twice as much, and it's not that better.

4. Whole-wheat and whole-grains: This is hard! I love fresh, crunchy bread. There is a nice company, producing "good bread" (all freshly ground ingridientes, sea salt, yeast, no additives). I've counted we have five bakeries around, and there are various products (not just yuckie sweet buns or pre-sliced bread) that are made of white flour.

5. Seafood: Yuck. Sorry, I live in a landlocked country, so I don't like it.

6. Locally raised meats: Mostly, I shop at the local butcher.

7. Bevarages: water, all natural juice, naturally sweetened coffe and tea, and for adults wine and beer: Add home-made hot chocolate, and lemonade. Maybe some mojito with honey? I don't like beer. ^^

8. Snacks: dried fruit, nuts, popcorn.  And fresh fruits! Also, most pre-packed nuts contain loads of palm oil, so I should be careful, and switch them with oven-baked ones.

9. Natural sweeteners, like honey and maple syrup. I already drink my once-a-month coffe with honey (and cinnamon!) and I like my tea unsweetened.

Spontaneously 4 out of 8 as I've excluded seafood.

1. No refined grains. Ok, I can say that I'll prefer whole and/or rye five times a week. Our weekend breakfast will remain the same. ^^

2. No refined sweeteners.  Everything pre-packed contains some sugar. Too bad. We already eat limited amounts, so it'll be OK.

3. Nothing out of a box, can, bag, bottle or package that has more than 5 ingredients listed on the label. It was a shock when I started to count ingredients. 

4. No deep fried foods.  I don't really eat deep fried food.

5.  No “fast foods.” It also states that you can "eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself.We have burger days sometimes, oven-baked meat and fries, cheese, fresh salad in a bun. They are home-made, exept the buns. Next time we skip french fries and choose whole-grain buns. 

What I miss is, that it's not stated that GM food is also not a wise choice. It was over a year ago, that the goverment had to destroy a  GM contaminated maize field. (here GM is forbidden.)