2013. június 12., szerda

Secret travel plans revealed

 I'm in New York! 

I arrived yesterday, and will go to a camp, to be a Camp Counsellor for children and adults with special needs. Updates will be rare, till the end of august. 

Not like this.

Also, I really recommend Blancanieve, awesome movie, I've watched it on the plane. Don't watch if corridas, death, murder, kissing a corpse disgust you. Watch if you like noir movies, set in the 1920's. :D

After 22 hours without sleep.

Wish me luck!

2013. május 25., szombat

In Hamburg

I rarely post pictures of myself, so here is one:

The conversation before my sister took the picture:  

"- Smile! Think about something funny! 
- Like the bridge collapses, I fell into the shallow water, hit my head and die? 
- Yeah, whatever."

Have a nice weekend!

2013. május 17., péntek

Unfinished, Finished and Planned


Remember the HUGE pile of unfinished stuff from last summer? Here, let me help with this picture:

After almost one year of decluttering, and not starting any new projects (well, christmas and birthday presents don't count) These are the unfinished:

A box for my Tarot decks, correcting the failed Emilie Autumn litter bin, making garters with the help of THIS tutorial, adding black to earrings, and make something useful and pretty from the empty tin container and nailpolish-remover bottle.  

Well, this turqoise box shouldn't count, as I started it yesterday. :)

This plastic bag contains mostly bras, that's why I left them in the bag, as I don't want to show my lingerie on this blog. Also, I wanted to show off with my zebra patterned scissors, so übergoth! :D

That's all left from the piles and boxes. I celebrated with a pile of glossy creative magasine, and writing down ideas for possible future projects.  


Lately, I took up cross-stitching, and finished a friend's birthday request today:

Now, that I see it on a picture, I realised, that the "S" is somewhat crooked. I'll rethink the design for the next one. The goal is to combine text with small details, but this one is for a guy, so I ditched the idea of stitching (almost rhymes!) grey hearts in the second row.  I use a retired math excersise book for planning. Browsing "pixel art" is also a great source of inspiration. I got addicted quickly, as it's portable, so I can do it while waiting for the bus or watching TV.

 This box is a late birthday present. Actually, her birthday was in december. Well, better late, than never, right?

 I saved the best for the last

It used to be a simple, but comfortable dark-brown wooden chair, lying in a dark corner, and gradually becoming depressed from neglection. Now it matches with my vanity table! I even tied a few ribbons on it, the purple one says: "I am zen." 


Purple curtains
More cross-stitch
Black-pink/stripey sitting things (instead of goosepoo-green  khaki)
Decorated T-shirt for little sister's birthday
Even more cross-stitch (I'm not sure, if it's the right word for it?)

Do you have any creative plans?

2013. május 7., kedd


Step aerobic to Combichrist. 
Mute the blonde, start the music, and even if you won't do step-aerobic, you'll have a good laugh smile inside.:)

Pro: Burns fat, and makes you feel soooppeer-übergoth if you excersise in clubwear.

Cons: Step aerobik is bad for your joints, especially the knees. The choreography is too complicated for me.

 Because nobody hates them. :)

 Pros: It's fun, and you can do it while watching TV, or reading something nice.  You can DIY a black one.

Cons: After about an hour my skin gets red and itchy from the pressure, not that effective calorie burner. 

2013. május 5., vasárnap

Fallen from the Bat house & Start Again

Last week I had too much party and unhealthy diet. I'm talking about the Lord of the Drinks game with home made burgers. Geez, look at these:
A heart-shaped burger-meat for me, made by My love. How thoughtful! :)
Mojito and Cheeseburger with tomatoes. Omnomnom.

Also, last week was a "party week" so my body need some detoxication. No caffein. No alcohol. No carbs. This will be a hard day. XD 

Nah, seriously. People made offerings, for higher goals, during ancient times:

I offer to burn fat... not like a slaughtered goat's like in the old times, but my own. If you don't get the joke: At least one hour of movement every day.
I offer healthy lifestyle so everything will be fine about my secret travel plan. If something bad happens in the future, I'll say: This happened, because I used the elevator back then instead of the stairs. Or drank sugarypinksweet cocktails, instead of wine and sparkling water.

With Monsieur Montignac I've lost 5 kilos, in less than a month, now I plan to loose a bit more, as I've gained a bit more during the nasty and dark Eastern-Europian winter, wich lasted this year for five whole months. :D 

Now that spring arrived everybody became so happy, that the streets are full with drunk people during night... And a flowercarpet happened, instead of hangover. :)

My pretty peep-toe birdy shoes. You can't see the birds on this one. Maybe next time.

2013. április 25., csütörtök

More about literature: Reading list

On the Book festival and Fair, wich I attended last weekend, I realised, that there are lots of books, I've planned to read, and they still await! I considered myself-well read, however not in contemporary, or modern stories!Here are a few writers, whose books I plan to read.

Vladimír Nabokov's Lolita, wich I've stopped halfway. 
Virginia Woolf
Silvia Plath
Oscar Wilde re-read things.
Roda Roda 
Ken Follet
Kurt Vonnegut
Robert Merle's historical books
Aldous Huxley
Classical russian writers: Turgenev, Cehov, Tolstoy, Dostoyevskiy, Puskin, Bunin, Bulgakov, Gogol
Guy de Maupaussant.
Henrik Ibsen
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Earnest Hemingway
Chuck Palahniuk not only Fight Club.
Franz Kafka
Thomas Mann
Jan Neruda
Hermann Hesse
 Dino Buzzati
Marian Keyes (if I start to get depressed from all that high lliterature...)

And this: 
Source is on it, very clever! :)

If you have any other recommendation, please mention in the comments!
Also, I found my (prettier) writer doppelganger: Sofi Oksanen. Hell, even her voice resembles to mine. I plan to read every single thing she wrote. :)

Clever and talented and pretty Sofi Oksanen...

....and...well. Me. :D

(I know that only our glasses look the same. Still. It's good to believe, that I can reach Sofi Oksanen-coolness level one day.)

Underrated Writers: Vladimír Páral


He is a contemporary writer, fom Czech Republik, one of my favourite writers. He started his career as an engineer, and was published first with a novel, Fair Granted Wishes.  I searched for a picture of him from the sixties, as according to my book covers, he was a handsome man. Nowadays he is eighty years old. I found an online available description and details from his book, Lovers and murders: Magazine of cater before year 2000
it's a good start. My newest purchase is "Young man and white whale: Little chemical epic." It's about an inexperienced young man, Breta, who longs for adventures, and reads Moby Dick, and just like the Captain, he wants to do something big, achieve something, but in the beginning he is stuck into a dull, boring life. His older roomate, Victor, is a genious chemical engineer, who had a burnout, and moved back to the remote town, where he started to work.  He only wants a dayly routine, yoga, healthy air and sun.  To this peacful setting arrives Edita, a beautyful carrer woman, ex-lover of Victor,  who chose promotion and left him, heartbroken AND totally burned out. Now she needs his help to finish an experiment. To make things more complicated, she brings along her assistant, Nadja, (who is beautyful, too of course!) not only to help in the experiments, but to "persuade gently" Victor, to help them. Only they can't proceed, without the permission of the plantmanager: Breta. Everyone falls for the bad person, things start to become tragicomical, when something happens wich decides, that the end will be purely tragic or comic. I don't want to give it away. :)

What makes him special: The narrator is not the same, it switches, sometimes we read Nadja's toughts as she cries about her past unhappy romances, sometimes Vic remembers the "good old times" sometimes a neutral voice describes the scenery, but Breta chimes in, telling us how it looked like before he bought his motorbike. Also, "postmodern steals" the well-read author makes references to other book in his books. I only read Feuchtwanger's Ugly Dutchess thanks to a one-time mention in his book. In Lovers and murders he even adds as "illustrations" short news, unrelated to the story.


So multidimensional, you will cr@p dodecahedrons. There is development, and everything.

There is always an unexpected twist. Even if you expect an unexpected twist. I re-read for the zillionth time, an I can still find new references, hidden between the lines.

Cultural snobbery-factor:
Imagine saying this: "This afternoon I finished reading Lovers and Murders, a gem of contemporary Czech prose..." yeah, quite high cultural snobbery-factor here.

 My reactions:
Should I die right now, or should I get gang-banged first? (Read Lovers and Murders to get the joke.) Life is pointless. Let's drink vodka. Are those real places, anyway? Booo-hooo-hoo. I am the third generation. My survival skills are way too limited.  I just don't remember what it is to be hungry. 

Amazon sells Lovers and murders, The four Sonjas, and Catapult. Ebay sells Catapult, and a german version "Der Krieg mit dem Multitier." Not easy to get the sci-fi ones except if you speak czech, as none of them is translated to english. On goodread you can read SOME of them.

PS.: I'd never guess that he has more porn-potential than the Spiderman. What is porn potential? Type something in google picture search, and scroll, till you see tits. Fifth row, in his case. Strange. :D

2013. április 16., kedd

Underrated writers: Bithia Mary Croker

I've  decided to write about one theme I particularly like: books! From now on, every Tuesday, I'll write about an underrated writer. I  love to see an elegant goth with an old book in her/his hands. Sometimes I even match my outfits to my books...

Bithia Mary Crocker's books are mostly love storys, with happy end. She published between, 1882-1919. There's no pont in copy-pasting the brief wikipedia page about her life here, HERE you can read it. 
 The heroine is usually a real Lady, and acts by the rules "noblesse oblige. " They all have a tiny little flaw in their personality, like stubbornness, or pride, so they are loveable, and easy to identify with them. Especially, after they meet Him, but there are certain reasons that they couldn't be happy, and get married immediatly. The other characters are much more realistic: in my favourite, "The spanish necklace"  an elderly widow, Mrs. Tudor is like I imagine Binthia: she helps a lonely heiress, who was formerly poor and has low self-esteem become a happy and elegant girl.  

The two mains are too good to belive sometimes, however, she can sketch a whole perconality with two sentences. Oh, and there IS character development. 

The couple earns happiness. They live happily ever after. You might call it shallow, or way too simple. I need happy endings sometimes. Great for times you feel gloom, and don't want to.

Cultural snobbery-factor:
 "You have probably never heard of her..." My Grandmother told me, that her Grandmother  also read the books. 

 My reaction:
 Will I ever live happily ever after? Or become a crazy cat lady? Should I write novels? I WISH I could be Heshter Ford. 

 Hard to find all the novels, amazon.com offers them. You can read  "The Spanish Necklace" online.  

Update: You can read some of her stories on Goodreads, a site wich features books with expired copyright.  HERE. 

2013. április 14., vasárnap

No Shopping March: Results

Sorry for the rare updates, but I was so busy organising secret travel plans. I don't want to jinx it, so it'll remain secret, till I am there... :D

This "no shopping" thing wasn't as hard as I expected. I've realised: I don't really shop, anyway. This weekend it was a sales weekend, organised by a beauty magazine. They handed out vouchers with the april issue, up to 40% off. I returned with a "politically correct" kitty patterned PJ, a trouser, and a concealer. I spent two whole days in shopping malls, and that was all I ended up with. A nice stylist lady told me, that she doesn't get why I signed up for the free style advice, as she can see, that I have my own personal taste, and have a great sense not fashon, but style. I guess that "grown up goth" thing works. ^^
As I also signed up for (free!) makeup advice, so on these picture, I am barefaced. :)

Black wig. I want my hair to look like this.

Or this: Own hair, fake bangs.
Mum told me, that with bangs and no makeup  I look like a cute, but not very bright fourteen-year-old. :)

2013. március 20., szerda

Monthly Homework assignment: Spring

Time for another monthly theme post, now about spring! 

Writing about spring is hard, as a few days ago we were covered in  snow, and the temperature is still below zero during nights.  Probably you came across some "meanwhile in Hungary" pictures. or perhaps you didn't.
Or this in the news: 

I love the narration, like in old movies. I should listen to more BBC news. ^^

We celebrate Easter, and usually, the whole family have the egg-finding competition and "watering". 
 Start with the tradition of watering: Man and boys get together, and visit every friend, and "water" all the female family members, so they won't wither away (remain single, and/or childless) that year. (1. what is wrong with that? 2. It's like the remain of an annual fertility ritual, don't you think?) Girls, after being "watered" give painted or chocolate eggs in return. Watering is done with (cheap) perfume on the head, but we have it better, because not that long time ago, men did it with ice cold water. Okay, in some places and families it's still real water. 

Looks like fun, huh? From HERE.
I really dislike the tradition of watering, as it includes listening to (sometimes vulgar and offensive) "watering poems" and multiple hairwashes to get rid of the smell. Also, guys get cool eggs and sometimes money, girls get stinky hair. (And I didn't mention the rape-like sadism of pouring cold water on held-down girls.)

Cool eggs, from HERE.
 The tradition of egg search is so much better: It's like plaing a hidden object game live! Dad usually wakes up early, and hides small chocolate eggs in the garden, and we have to find them. We usually share in the end, so we all have the same amount of eggs.

I'm the one in the polka dot skirt.
And the food, oh, the food. Ham, eggs boiled in the same water, and fresh veggies.  

The best part.

Yesterday morning, I left the house, and freshly bloomed violets greeted me. In the afternoon, it started raining, and it turned to snow. Again. The violets froze. Today morning they were bright purple again. 

I am the one that should do something about it, as my name means "springbringer faery/witch." I wish I could bring spring for real. In some regions, around the end of february people dressed up a hay doll, named it "winter witch", and burned it, as a symbol for destroying winter itself. Forecasts says it'll snow again during weekend. 

Snow, on my way home a few days ago.

Where can I get some hay? :D

2013. március 18., hétfő

Middle of No shopping March: Confessions

This month wasn't as hard as I expected. The weather is way to cold to leave for long time, and I hate to carry around my coat in a mall.


Nothing, not even temptation. I have everything. Exept the cherry-skull dress.

Makeup and beauty: 

I am guilty, it was a mistake to pop in the "BIG BEAUTY SALE" shop, I ended up with buying more than i planned. The plan was to grab Dita von Teese fake eyelashes. Instead of about 3890 Forints  (12 euros or 16 usa dollars) it was 800 Forints, (2 euros or 3 usa dollars).
The unplanned was the lipliner, for 500 forints, instead of 2190, wich is less than 2 euros or a bit more than two dollars. I told you, that reduced price is my weakness! 

Others: Nail stickers, for a price of a cheap coffe, and an unique dark purple nailpolish one shade darker purple nailpolish, than the one I already have.

It's not that much, so I'd call it a success. Perhaps I'll  make it even longer, no new clothes till summer.

(Exept the cherry-skull dress.)

2013. március 8., péntek

Pink hairtips

Yesterday my friend spent approximately three hours with my hair. We aimed for purple-brown ombre style, instead of faded mahagony. The tips became a very bright shade of pink, and I love it! 

Heh, I have dimples.

They look wet, as I applied generous amounts of Lush R&B "hairtip moisturiser." The good thing is, that if I wear it in chignon, I can still look conservative.  


2013. március 5., kedd

Not THAT Goth but Mary Poppins

Eco in Black wrote an interesting post a while ago, about labels. That made me realise: Goth is a label, I liked to use when describing my style. When I was a teen, I responsed to subcultural cathegorisation, stating, that I only try to be myself, and if that makes me a part of a subculture, well, good for them. I really don't give a pile of glitter. Later, when I really became involved in the subculture, I gave up. Fine, I AM a goth, after all, or Dark Alternative, as I prefer to call. Now, the scene here is fallen apart. People grew up, for most it was just a phase, after all. The label "goth" limits me now, so I return to the start. 

No more labels.
The only labels I should use, from HERE.

I won't label myself. People will do, anyway, so why bother?

One of my Icons, Ophelia Checked is my new background, as she walks by the Danube.
 The teenage girl, who wore purple boots, leopard print tights, and turqoise shirt cheers inside me.I have to dig up my torn pale blue fishnets.

2013. március 1., péntek

Purple dilemmas

Time for another Monthly Theme Post! I have to admit, I nlove to read those, but only participated once. I'm lonely, and don't have anyone to take pictures of me for outfit posts. However this month the theme is about something that is on my mind for a while: PURPLE. My second favourite colour is purple, (after blue), so now that my room got renowated, I have some ideas and needs to make it even prettier.


Most of the furniture got changed from ugly brown to white. Notice the amazing purple rug? It was a birthday gift from My Love! The plan is to get a purple, blue and white room, with turqoise and black decorations.

Left to do: Sewing matching curtains, tablecloth and a chair cushion. Change the enourmous olive green beanchair's case.  But what colours? Black and purple for the beanbags is one idea, black and white stipes is another.

I'll paint it white, and the perhaps change the knobs. or simply paint them turqoise.

The inspiration was this picture:



 My hair near the roots will be the same dark brown, and I plan to bleach the ends, and dye them purple. The other plan was to cut it shorter, but I can do it after trying this crazy and bit too trendy ombre style. 

Some more purple beauty inspiration.

 What do you think? I like, how it looks like the hair is accidentally dipped in ink...
But feel free to tell the truth, even if it's "OMFG, I'd never let anyone do that to my hair!"


2013. február 28., csütörtök

No shopping until April

This year I haven't bought new clothes (yet!) so why not keep up with that good work? I already have too much "stuff." I threw out a pile of expired vouchers for special offers,  wich were very tempting, and realised: I planned to buy them, but didn't. And I didn't miss anything at all.

 Every time I think about shopping something, I'll have to put the same amount in a cute pigy dogy bank, along with the notes of the desired material posession. Opening on the 1st of april. By that time, I'll get rid of the totally normal winter weight, and plan to order the Cherry Skull Dress. This ha a special story: In 2008, I tried it on, but couldn't afford. The beautyful salesgirl told me, that it looks so pretty on me, and she wishes that she looked this cool. I was shocked, as she seemed sincere, not the "I talk you into buying this dress so I can get more money"-type, and in my opinion she looked way better than I did. She had a perfect, lean body, I was slim and curvy, and we both were jealous! So funny.

Shop from Ticci on Etsy.
   Anyway, it was too loose on my hip, and too tight on my chest, and I was glad to see, that Ticci takes custom orders, too!


Porcelain Doll from <Form of ugliness> came to the same idea, only six days earlier than I did! She even hosts an event, so smart! I'm joining, check her blog, too! 

2013. február 25., hétfő

Rosepetal pendant

These rosepetals are from last midsummer's night celebration, where My love jumped over the fire for me, and we drank yummie "love potions". There were wild rosepetals on the table, and I saved a few to remember that magical night. To keep it close to me, I've made a pendant.

2013. február 15., péntek

Letter to future me...

Today I turned 25, and decided to write a letter to future 30-year old myself. While I tidying up my room, I've found a letter from my 18 year-old myself, and I was slightly disappointed, that it didn't included any gifts. So, I threw in my all-time favourite cigarette, Djarum Black in the envelope. I had this odd leftover Black for more than three years, as once I've decided, that this will be my last cigarette ever. I stopped, and don't want to fall in the trap of "oh, just one LAST" and become a smoker again. Probably 30 year-old me will frame it. ^^

I hope I'll be still alive, and won't forget it.  

2013. február 6., szerda

The Crown and the Mask

No, this is not the title of a historical-fantasy book, but some DIY. 

The Crown: Just planning

This was the ugliest little plastic crown, ever. Tacky neon green fur was on it, along with cheap-looking "silver" plastic pearls. I ripped them off, and cut the part on the back, and replaced it with an elastic band, to make it more comfy. The "before" pictures disappeared, (luckily, so your eyes won't start to bleed from it's uglyness) so here is a half finished stage:

I've tried to add some leftover babypink feather boa, but it was too short, I'll buy some black, instead. Black is always better. :D

Netbook charger makes stylish background.

The Mask: Adding glitter

I just had to do something with this mask. It looked OK, plain and elegant, but I wanted something more glamourous. 

Like red glitters. This wasn't enough.

 LOTS of red glitter. I had a "glitter glue" wich is (surprise!) the mixture of glitter and glue. However, if you store it for too long, glitter tends to stay in the tube. I had to cut it up, and smear the glitter with my hands. 

Looks like raw meat on this picture. :D

My sister agreed, that I'll find red glitter in my pants from three months now, and will have hard time to explain it.

Glittered properly.  

Silver swirls, drawn by my steady-handed Love will complete the "look."