2012. november 27., kedd

Winter village globe tutorial part 1

The first finished, turned out so pretty, that I wanted to share immediately!

You will need drawings of small houses...

...fake snow, an "artist knife,"  glue, a plastic globe, and a white cardboard circle,slightly smaller than the diameter of the globe. Oh, and scissors.

Cut the little houses out, glue them together. I used a toothpick to make it easier.

...a few of them finished, including a tiny church...

Remember to leave a small part of paper on, so you can glue the houses on the cardboard circle.

Half finished!

Sorry for the sideway pictures, I'll fix them tomorrow, (UPdate: just tilt your heads, I'm still lazy for that... ) today I'm just lazy...  Also, part two coming!

2012. november 23., péntek

Creative Goth Weeks 26.: Have you ever gave handmade gift?

Again, for me it's a YES, more precise is, that all I give is somewhat handmade. Someone said, that this is nice, and must be very convinient to not spend loads on gifts.  Yep, it was meant to be an insult.

In fact, it is not only spending money, but also spending time, thinking about that loved someone, while trying to make something nice for him/her. And the materials are far from what counts as "cheap."

Around Christmas, I usually get a bit overwhelmed, as my Mom was born on the 25th, my Grandmother on the 23th, and Dad has a nameday on the 21st. That means three more presents. :D Also, one of my friends  will get two presents, one for christmas and one for her birthday on the 25th.  

For Christmas, I usually give handmade ornaments for family members, earrings and something kinky for my bigger sister, as two or three years ago she surprised me with fluffy pink handcuffs, and that started the War... I also expect to get a rotten potato from my little sister. Yes, another War. :)

This year I'll make about 20  more than 20 presents, and pre-christmas panic ("Oh my God, it's november, and I have nothing finished, I'll end up running around on the 24th and end up with something ugly with glitters!!!") hit me. I'll make a post about all, but hold a few back till christmas, as I know that some of my friends check my blog occasionally.

 Also, we have to re-watch this...
From HERE. Awesome drawings.

So, sorry for the rare updates, if I'm not making presents, (or playing Plants vs. Zombies) I write finals or read a nice book about personality disorders, in turns with Harry Potter, so I won't have nightmares...

2012. november 16., péntek

Pink-black mousepad with bat and pancakes

It still needs another coat of varnish.

Yes, I'm still using a mouse, can't really get used to touchpads, let alone touchscreens.

Remember the bat-shaped cookie cutters? 

I've used them to pre-draw a bat shape on some drywall piece, and painted it, so the crumpled tablecloth won't slow my moves, when playing plants vs. zombies.

My Mother made a tower of pancakes, as she has university reunion. I just NEED to show off with this.



2012. november 8., csütörtök

Rainbow-Goth Experiment and Wardrobe Taming: results

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I wore most of the "hand me down" clothes, and loved them. Meanwhile, I did a quick "brainstorm" writing down the words, I'd love to hear when describing my own style. Here:

Overall look: Looking like a noir comic character. Or Mary Poppins (I already got them...). Still dark, nice bags, accented waist, sexy, unique jewelery. Elegant, mature, well-groomed. 

Materials and patterns: Leopard print with red, cherry-skulls, dotted, stripy, sequins, lace, beads, pearls, hearts, comfortable, sparkly.(Of course not all at once...)

Explanation in a quick way: You have to wear every "problematic piece" jotting down every night how it felt, and putting together outfits for that specific piece. Like keeping a "wardrobe diary." So far it was fun, a bright yellow short-sleeved cardigan become my favourite, I just need a huge sparkly black spider/skull pin on it!

I got rid of the too small or proper for a skinny teenage girl, looks awful on a curvy tweenage girl pile (actually, tucked them away for my little sister, I hope she will be on the dark side, too! ). Also, the "uncomfortable" clothes are now in a box, mentally labelled "open when lost 5 kilos".  

Wardrobe before...
I still have a huge pile of  "have to wear it to find out how does that feels" and "needs some altering."