2012. október 17., szerda

Wardrobe Taming: Day One

To begin with, I could be a new style guru, along with my Mom. We went to get some (free) style advice, and all they could say, that we are dressed really pretty, and have great sense of style. The two pretty girls also gave us some useful advices about colours, and I was lucky to hear that black really suits me! (I'd have never guessed.) In case you were wondering, I was wearing black ballet flats, nude pantyhose, black pencilskirt, with a thin red belt, a ruffled-fitted black blouse, red sparkling bracelet, and Dita von Teese's red lipstick by Art Deco.

Talking about inspirational women: One of my favourite bloggers is Gala Darling. Her first entry was about "fashion help for recovering goths" wich sounds totally wrong, if you are a har-harr-harrrrdcore subculture lover, but it's actually fun to read! Also, it is helpful if you have to dress like a normal person, and as I'd prefer to still look "dark-alternative" without dressing in black from toe to head, this was just for me!

She had a "Wardrobe Taming" project, back in 2007, and I've decided it's worth a try! 

My cabinets are still cluttered, and filled with  "not worn/hardly ever worn/ I'll fix it someday / butt looks huge in it, but I plan to loose weight, anyway/ hate the colour but impossible to dye/I just got it as a hand-me-down and have no idea how to wear it"  type of clothes.

So, now I have the piles of clothes, that I have to wear! Just at the tought of wearing some of them, I tossed out another small pile.  She advises to sort them out, according to the reason, why I don't wear them.

My reasons were:

1. Simply not my size.
 Gave it away, or added to the "future maternity" clothes pile. I know, I'm not even married, or plan to have kids in the next, maybe, five years, but anyway, goth-friendly maternity clothes are not that easy to find.

Pile nr. 2

2. Too extreme.
 Purple leather trousers, (from Orsay!) leather skirt, to think about it, anything PVC or leather, bondage tops, gothy tops, too short dresses and skirts, corsets, way too deep clevage (hint: my bellybutton is visible). Party clothes.

Two dresses from pile nr. 3

3. Too boring.
 Simple tees, blouses, skirts and dresses, wich would look nice in a pretty, decent 60-year old lady's wardrobe. Maybe adding neon fishnets would make them "neoavantgarde."

4. Uncomfortable.
Might call it DENIAL pile, as according to Kübler-Ross I'm in that state when I thing about my weight gaining. Happy relationships make you round, as you keep feeding each other. 
Clothes, that are just one size too small would be a  more proper name.

5. The real uncomfortable pile.
 The material, or the shape, something is just not OK. This includes the garments wich need about half an extra hour to get on.

6. Unflattering.
 Size is ok, but it looks somehow WRONG. Like that ruffled skirt, cut exactly by the middle of my butt, making it look enourmous. Maybe I just need some things to balance them out, like I adore blouses with poofy sleeves, but "I got man shoulders" so I have to wear them with simple skirts.

7. I forgot I own it. 
Weird, it's like getting something new. :)

8.  Once I loved it, but that time is gone.
Tucked them away, safely, for my little sister. Hope she'll like them. 

The GREAT challenge is to wear them, yep, outside the house, to see how does it feels.