2012. szeptember 23., vasárnap

Rainbow-Goth Experiment

I got a heap of clothes as a hand-me-downs from a relative of mine. I love them! The problem is...

Aubergine cordoroy jacket, black shirt, aubergine top, yellow-green jumper, green tee with lovely pattern.

Grey jumper, purple tee, a weird combinaton of a cardigan and a shirt, an oriental-patterned baggy tee, a very bright yellow short-sleeved cardigan thingie, and a pink-purple orange colour orgy skirt.
As you can see, only one of them is black, (the übercool everyday-gothic blouse with the poofy sleeves) the rest is well, colourful and not goth at all. (Maybe exept the green T-shirt with Lady Butterfly in top hat.) Okay, I'll go to kindergardens and schools, all around the city so I sort of HAVE to look normal. But I don't really want to. So, the experiment is, to wear ALL the new clothes, this month, and the colourful ones, I've already owned this year. 

Twenty-nine from here, black with pattern included...
...and thirty-five from here.

Goth wasn't always about the blackest black of all blacks, and if I felt cool in purple boots, black leopard print tights, fake-tattered skirt and turqoise tee as a sixteen year old, than I can cope with the colours as a mature adult. 

White, silver, beige, grey, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, turqoise, red: I'm coming.