2012. augusztus 29., szerda

Movies for gothy-girly slumber parties

Secretly, I enjoy watching cheeky romantic comedies. But in a good movie, for girls, there is at least one scene, where a hansome guy runs around without shirt (or even less clothing, if you ask me!). A nice goth-ish girl character is a bonus point, too. Ah, and FUN!  We need jokes in a good movie. Our livingroom is well, a sort of weird, I mean haunted, (that part of the house is 150 years old) so, I prefer not to watch too scary movies there, as after them I get nightmares and start sleepwalking. Wich is sort of uber-goth to say, but totally not fun to experience. 

Prepaire: this list is as shallow as a puddle. ^^

1. The Crow series

I KNOW.  This movie is overrated, blah-blah. But if you watch in a row you can debate on who is the hottest. And that is the whole point. And if everybody knows it by heart, who cares if you chat the whole time?  

 So, what do you think, who is the hottest? ^^

2. Dracula 2000

This movie requires a bag of popcorn, and funny scenes are frequent. I keep re-watching the scene where a leech jumps (!!!) to suck someone's eyeball. Also, the girls are hot. And a guy, who can fly while having sex? That's something new, I'd totally remain an immortal bloodsucker with him.

3. 27 dresses

A GOTH WEDDING!!!! And I've already stated, that I love romcoms, so what?


4. The Sleepy Hollow

Actually, I'm too scared to watch it alone, but most girls like it. I have no idea why...

...do you?

5. Anything by Tim Burton

 Seriosly. Anything. I know I've already mentioned Sleepy Hollow, but that one is just different.

6. Mean Girls

The reason is Janis Ian's character. Oh, and makes you think, outcasts can, actually, win sometimes.

7.  Any sort of Batman movie. 

My friend, Norewa prefers the new series, as she adores Christian Bale's muscular body acting skills. I prefer guys with better sense of humour...  

...and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

8.  Fight Club

A classic. 

Borrowed from 9gag.com

You might also want to check the Suicide Girls photoshoot. Massive amount of boobies, and tattooed girls pretending to beat girls. 

More here...

9.  First Wives Club

LOL, another club. No gothness here, just Sarah Jessica Parker plays a gold digger surprisingly well. Oh,and Bette Middler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton play the lead roles! The book is even more awesome.

10.  Merlin (Hallmark version)

Queen Mab is a true style inspiration! 

And poor Mordred looks too handsome to hate. ^^ (You might realised, that I have a certain THING for shoulder-length wavy dark hair.)

11. Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the damned

 I can't remember the plot of Queen of the damned. Don't blame me. I got the soundtrack, it's nice.

My sister likes Tom Cruise, Mum fancies Antonio Banderas, wich leaves me with Brad Pitt. I am not complaining.

12. Underworld

It was  filmed partly in my homecity, Budapest! (Like Katy Perry's Firework video...) We can spot the places, we can laugh, when they say/show something incorrect about it. Like the blue subway in the line one, or the clean streets, or stating that he's gone to the 27th storey in a typical, classical 5-storey-high building. Also, more VAMPIRES!

What are your favourites to watch at a girly party?

2012. augusztus 27., hétfő

Wishlist time!

My Love destroyed his wifi  (IT experiments) and we had some more holiday, that's why the lack of updates. The envied pale skin is gone, and now I'm all tanned! Horror! I chose fun (waterslides) over paleness!
All I can say: totally worth it.

So, about the wishlist: I keep adding items to the wishlist, and sadly more to the want part! That's why I've decided, that decluttering my room and getting new things should be connected.

Some things have to disappear to make room for new things.

This motto  applies for my life too, makes it so much easyer to accept things as they are but keep trying to improve them. Enough with the weekend course-philosophy, the main thing is, that  I have to get rid of two of something, before buying one new. Or, in the case of beauty products use up one.

The time has come to sort out my shoes, too. I have (now) about five shoes on the wishlist, so I need to make room for them!
Turned out, that my favourite shoes are too worn to mend, so I've put all of them in a Bag, and hid them behind the cellar door. (Sure, noone will ever find it...) This way, if I feel the urge to wear a long-ago favourite, now tattered shoe, I can dig them up, but my shoe shelves are filled with slightly worn, pretty impulse-buys/gifts. 
Yesterday, because I've put my comfy, old sandal in the Bag I wore a sandal wich was labelled "uncomfortable" a few years ago, and was sitting on the giveaway pile. I LOVE it! Feels like I got a new sandal, with tiny metal detail on the front. Also, no blisters after a long walk.
Today is the Big Challange, as we go to a shopping mall, with all nice shops, like Lush, and I'll have to keep my wallet in my bag.

Boot wishes:

 And, of course a classical simple one, with some steel in the front part for those nights.
This coat looks so warm, comfy and girly with that bow:

I'd wear it with proper knee-length skirt, a nice black hat or my grey fur hat, warm stockings and the boots from above. ^^

And this shirt is a MUST have for all the Barbie and zombie-lovers. Perfect for those nasty mondays:

Their Etsy page (Link here) is worth a visit, other funny favourite is "Keep calm and worship Satan" one.

Also, I've decided to get back to my natural haircolour. If I could be "goth enough" as an insecure teen with my dark blonde hair, I'll manage as a wise twenty-something year old. And I'll still have hair by the age of thirty.

Casual hiking clothes, a graffitied trainstation, bubbles, and my natural haircolour in 2009.

2012. augusztus 20., hétfő

Creams from L'Occitane and a wishlist

I guess my budget is a "not yet succesful" project. They were on sale, too. And if I spent a certain amount I got a gift package. I need sopaholic-therapy. Or should it be called beauty product addict-therapy? Lucky me, that I have psychologist relatives! Back to the purchases:

Honey-shea butter balm is good for the extremely dry bodyparts, such as elbows, knees, hands, lips, or even face, in a thin layer. It might save my extra-dry elbows, and smells like honey. Further testing needed!

I also got this relaxing handcream, and well, I don't really feel relaxed. After a few days of use, my hands are smooth, like flower petals, but I feel slightly guilty, not relaxed. 

One of the weird internet budget-tips suggests to write a wishlist, and keep it in your wallet, whenever you want to buy something, read the list, and think about how the new purchase will carry you farer from all those things on the wishlist. 

Need: new boots and a warm coat for winter, same black pumps like the ones I own, but are tattered, a gluegun, contactlenses, a new armchair-bed, hairdye and a haircut, yoga lessons, and DVD from my favourite place.

Want: Dita von Teese lipliner and lipstick, M.A.C./Max Factor foundation, Art Deco smudgeproof powder, Catshoe from T.U.K.,  stuff to renovate the nightstand, a mieder (waistcorset?), hats, bags and clothes repairment fee, an alchemy gothic earring, a tiara to alter, creative hobby supplies. 

Wants from Lush: All products! Especially: Vanilliary, Karma and TucaTuca solid perfumes, Ocean Salt face rub, Mask of Magnaminty, Karma solid shampoo, Lust soap, big.

2012. augusztus 18., szombat

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 21.: Un-gothest

The un-Gothest thing I've ever made:

Yes, it is a dark blue miniskirt, adorned with deep green sequins and a pink flower. You have to understand. I was young and misguided. :)

Next: Some tutorial, suitable for goth gentlemen, too. Or just for them.

2012. augusztus 15., szerda

The Professor's monthly homework assignment: Bags and purses

This assignment came in the right time: I was about to declutter my messy bag-shelf! I don't have any goth brand bags. In fact, I don't really like some of my bags. that's why it's time to sort them out.

Well, I sorted them out and realised I have the wrong type of bags all over! I need more medium sized bags. So, the same rule applies here as for my clothes: not worn in a while bags go to the "must wear next week" box, to check how I feel carrying them.

Small purses for elegant occasions.

The silver one and the black clutch with the knot was a gift with some beauty magasine, I guess. The lacey and the dotted were gifts from my parents when returning from some long trip (Canada? Scandinavia?).
I've never worn the dotted small one, and the cluthch with the knot. I think that size is more suitable for a make-up bag. So, it will just move. And I have to go out to wear that dotty-cutey.

Slightly bigger purses, for not-that-elegant/everyday occasions.
That heart-shaped one, with green details was totally forgotten! I'll wear it a bit more often. The crotcheted one, and the one with fluffy fur on the edge are my regurularly worn favourites.

The farewell-group.
Never worn them. And can't see myself walking around with them. Family freecycle. :D

My old bag from highschool...

...can be transformed to backpack!
This is more of a memory. I'm just too old for that, and by that I don't mean I start to get wrinkles and white hair, but that I'm not a teen in neongreen fishnets anymore. I'll give it to my 11-year old sister.

Toulouse-Lautrec's Chat Noir on a bag, from Paris.
Now, that I look at this picture, I've realised, that I rubbed off the top of the pattern! Poor cat! I'll still wear it for scooldays.

Huge beachbag from Guinea.
It was a gift from a family friend. Last week, I kept running around with this bag, in purple bikini and black flip-flops.^^

Brown-black plush bag...

It has a small cigarette burn on the back of it. It's not that big, but a brown bag? How will I ever wear it again?

Small, medium and large backpack. Only worn when travelling/biking/sightseeing.

Another old bag, with coke openers! (I don't like beer, and kept drinking wine and coke.) Removed them, and the badge.  That pink bumbag might come in handy.

A huge "going to library" or "huge sales shopping" bag, with slightly worn straps. Even a coathanger can fit inside it, and nothing is wisible from the outside. 

Brown suede bag.
 My older sister is happy that she got it. I liked it, but rarely worn, not only the colour but it has too long strap.

 Catbag! For other schooldays, but when I'm in the mood for cute. 

My furry favourite needs some repairment: torn inside and a metal pin is missing.

This is the handbag, I currently use, it was in a Dove gift package. 

Saved the worst-best for the end: 

Both torn.

I loooveeed them, really, (That's why they are the best.), but they are made of  c..p material, they sould be recreated rather than mended. If I have a big bag, I pack it full, and they just couldn't bare that. Still looking for a seamstress. (That's why they are the worst.)

Other findings:

A bag-raincoat, a grey faux-fur hat a knitted black wrap, a black wig, aaaand my long-lost (TWO years!) watch. It was in the heart-shaped handbag, but it stopped. My Dad had some batteries, we changed them, so it's working again!

 Well, my bag shelf looks like this now:

What I've learnt from the packing:

1. I rarely buy bags for myself.

2. The nice ones I buy, are so poor quality that they fall apart, or I load them over their capacitity. The ugly ones last longer.

3. I need a some medium sized bags for everydays. Nice ones.

4. I have plenty of space there... 

That means next thing I'll buy should be some bags. ^^

2012. augusztus 13., hétfő

Lush: The reason I keep failing my budget

My excuses: They had a retro weekend, PLUS if you shopped above a certain amount they gave you a nice gift package! Retro products can only be ordered from the internet, so post fee makes it pricey.

All of them look like the official photoes. I got:  

Smitten is my favourite, saves my cold dry hands during winter. If you have Raynauds, (like me) your hands require more care, as the circulation basically stops in some fingers (and toes). My winter routine is that before leaving the flat I put some Smitten on the back of my hands, and after closing the doors, I smear it. Almond oil makes the skin soft, and chamomila extract reduces the redness. It also lasts, even with daily use, for long time.

Green Day will be a surprise for my Love for our 38th month anniversary (we celebrate every month). It has a pleasant smell, exactly "like a walk in a spring forest." I think we will save it for grey winter days. 

The gifts were the "leftovers" from the winter collection, but I'm happy about that, as we were looking for this yellow soap, Northern Lights. The name came from that the coulours were inspired by Aurora Borealis. The scent is a bit too lemon-smelly for me, even if it's a natural lemon, but some pine balances it nicely.

 The Unknown Bubblebar (seriously, I forgot the name, and there is no label on it!) smells of lovely sweet-sweet vanilla and looks like a dried cookie, only it is heavier. This IS a realy surprise. On the top there are some whirl-looking thingies. Finally, Google gave me the Answer: it's Three Gold Rings.  

Oh and I SAW a male employee at the shop! At first when he started talking to me, I couldn't get a word about the products, all my attention was to focus on not jumping around and yelling pointing at him "LOOK! A GUY, WHO WORKS AT LUSH! HOW AWESOME! Can I take a pic?" XD  

Do you have a somewhat pricey addiction?