2012. július 30., hétfő


Sorry for the one week delay, things just overwhelmed me, and I needed a week of freedom, I didn't even watched TV, but went to the cinema with my sisters. :D Also, an IT guy (=my Love) for sure has a so complicated computer, that I am unable to figure out how to upload pictures.
Yesterday, I found a nice (hungarian) site, about how to make beauty products at home, and another one wich has sort of eco-challanges.

 Now, that I read all these things I keep thinking about how to switch most of my beauty products to handmade home-made things. 

With my friends we tried the new infra sauna, read silly girly beauty magazines, and I got to a pedicurist, who told me that I have so soft feet, that there is nearly nothing she has to do! :D I got a foot massage, and black nailpolish with green glitters.^^

Back to the next CGSW task: For the beauty product I planned to make a bathing bag with wheat, salt and rose, but this seems too simple, after reading about home-made solid perfume, toothpaste, or eyeliner! 

From september, we will have another food challange, and we needed serious planning as we both need to switch our comfort-food with something else!

  And since Kakuidori showed that crown I want one, so I can have a bubblebath, with a crown on, as Gala Darling recommends. I hesitate between the one with chicken wire, and the fluffy one!
 I'll end up painting a pink plastic tiara black, and feeling all proud, but a girl can dream, right? ^^

2012. július 18., szerda

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 14.: Silver bag

Today is the day when I feature what is left out. At first I was thinking about making lavander bags, to repel moth, but I've found this silver bag in the "do it later" box.

This bag is a clutch, wich means instead of a nice strap on your shoulder, you have to hold it all night. One hand for drink, one hand to slap anyone, who gropes you. A strap is needed! And, sure some black lace, to make it look better. ^^

Added lace and a diamod-flower thingie...

...and a strap. Ready to wear! 

I've "designed" it, to match my strapless floral patterned dress. 

Next: I'll take you to the Bath, for some Beauty DIY. If never experimented with home made beauty things it's time to start!

2012. július 17., kedd

Creative Goth Summer weeks 13.: Accesories

Today: Handmade goth accesories.

Remember, when I biked to the local Creative supplies shop? I bought a silver medal, wich is perfect for some decoupage. It's the firs time, I try this technique, so I was a bit of excited and a bit of nervous.

To be honest, for the first time I messed it up. At first I added the varnish to the glass, then the poppy, with the picture facing down, then another layer of varnish to the back. After I took this picture, I touched the middle part, to check if it was still wet. It was. I tried to add some paint to the ruined part, but later decided to scratch it off, and apply a totally new poppy. But the poppy napkin is at My Love's place! Nooo! So, I phoned him, to bring it after work. He offered me to do the whole thing, but this is my fight. ^^

UPDATE: He left it at home.

 This picture of a Pina Colada muffin, with blue curacao icing, and sugar thingies, and it is added to this post in order to show some sweet succes.

I'll update, hopefully with the finished nice medal!

Next: Anything else, clothing related, left out from the previous four posts. I'll show you a bag. ^^

2012. július 16., hétfő

Shopping: Lush

Lush is one of my favourite shops, if not my favourite. I just love the nice scents that tell me even from a distance that I'm getting closer, the nice salesgirls (never seen a male employee there!), the candy-looking things and as a bonus all products are cruelty free and vegan, or vegetarian. (They use eggs, honey, yoghurt and beeswax.) 

For my love's birthday I planned to buy Snake Oil scalp massage thingie. It's said to be good for getting rid of dandruff, (even the slightest dandruff is visible if you wear black), but the main thing is, that I'll massage his head  once a week till it lasts. It smells like Lapshong tea, or like campfire, wich in my opinion is a bad thing, but I knew he would love it, so I sacrificed my personal taste.

 I told myself, that I won't buy a thing apart from his gift, as the budget is still on, but I couldn't resist this:

It's a limited edition Lip Tint, and the last one waited for me! Tastes like bubblegum in the '90s, so we are both happy with the taste. I've planned to switch my everyday lipsticks with organic, and less synthetic ones as he usually eats my lipstick off, and they are bad for his tummy. ^^ I'm such a good girl.

Also, I've run out of conditioner, so instead of Retread, wich I love, but it's expensive and runs out in a few months, (the one I've used up yesterday was bought in march!) I bought Tropical Jungle solid conditioner, I can't wait to try it! I hope it will last longer.
The other thing is I like in Lush: They give samples. As it was my Love's birthday, I asked for two samples suitable for him, a shampoo named Curly-wurly, and a hairstyling gel, from their line for men, called Dirty. All I can tell about them, is that they have wonderful smell! 

On my wishlist I have: 

Jasmine and honey shower gel, I've tried it at a shop, and smelled it on my hands till I've washed them.
Price:  From the price of the small bottle I could buy three bottles of Palmolive.

Big is a shampoo with salt, I've tried a free sample, and loved rubbing my scalp with big pieces of salt, and the name tells it how my hair looked after!
Price: WHAT?? I've heard that salt is cheap, what on Earth costs this much in a shampoo? I could buy nine bottles of regular shampoo for the same. I still want it, anyway.

A small tin case for Jungle. Seriously, this is a NEED.
Price: It's OK.

More thingies for the Lips!
Price: Just about the same as any lipstick.

They will have a "world premier" for a new product on the 21st, I can't wait!

Sad, that christmas is so far away! I'll have to surprise myself. ^^

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 12.: Clothes

Today: The real DIY in your wardrobe challange: Any piece of clothing that you altered, designed,or made!

First of all, I would like to show off with my progress:

This was the pile of unfinished when we started. Most things just needed a bit of repairment, a ten-minute thing, but it just cumulated. :D

Now it's reduced to this:

And this:

The pink fishnet top and the purple hat needs some black. At some point of life, I'm sure every goth tried/will try to dye clothes black! It's like everyone, who smoked for long enough, knows how to roll cigarettes. (If you smoke, and you are broke, all you can afford is some paper, filters and tobacco.)
Back to the black dye and goths: either because a teenager goth needs black clothes, but can't afford to buy new ones, and decides to give that Winnie the Pooh Tee a new life, or an adult goth has to re-blacken the old favourite clothes. Or (like me!) buys clothes at second-hand shops with the intention to alter them dye them black.

This one has clear instructions: boil the water, add the dye, add the damp clothes, boil for 20 minutes, add some salt, boil again for 20 minutes, then dry them.

I hate that smell! But I have to do it, so let it boil...


Trust me, it's black.

Aaand look what I've found:

It's Catwoman from 1992!

Tomorrow: Handmade (goth) accesories.

2012. július 11., szerda

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 11.: Shoes

Today: Shoes! Re-painted with silver, "pimped," or handmade goth slippers. Or anything else, wich falls under "DIY" and "shoe."  ^^ 

I've already shoved my purple-black ballet flat in the Fixed Fail post, so here I have to feature something else. Apart from heels and boots, I also like trainers and canvas shoes, but I don't like to tie my shoelaces. :D

The solution: Elastic bands!

I just replace shoelaces with elastic bands and sew the ends together. Simple, and useful. ^^

Maybe I should add a bow?

No. :)

Tomorrow: The real DIY in your wardrobe challange: Any piece of clothing that you altered, designed,or made!

2012. július 10., kedd

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 10.: Mask

 Today: Something handmade that you wear above your neck.

This silver mask haunts me and not in the good way! I had it for ages, planned to make it awesome, but the poor thing just stayed in my "do it later" pile. I have to end this!

I wrote this when I started this project:
I prefer to keep the original shiny silver colour just add tiny details, that'll make it special. I need some black glitter, and lace, some black feathers and a glue-on "diamond" for my plan.

At this stage, I realised, that I have no black glitter, so I jumped on my bike, and cycled to the ""Creative supplies" shop. It turned out that they sell no black glitter, so I ended up with removing the red diamond, painting it black, gluing on the feathers, and gluing back the diamond.

Sequins on the side, and painted black.

Feathers and the diamond.

Mask with feathers.

Needs a coat of matte varnish, and Finished! (Maybe some red glitter aroung the eye?)

 This toadstool salt and pepper shaker sat in my Love's cabinet, I just added spots with bright white contour. Now, ready to use!

See how brighter is the left one?

Tomorrow: Shoes! Re-painted with silver, "pimped," or handmade goth slippers. Or anything else, wich falls under "DIY" and "shoe."  ^^

2012. július 9., hétfő

Creative Goth Summer Weeks 9.: Classical goth patterns

After searching through every storage space I had to realise the truth: I don't have anything that I've made, with classical goth pattern.  That means, I have to make one. ^^

My choice is this tin can. This nice picture of Emilie Autumn, would be a waste to just throw out, so I decided to decoupage it on, paint the rest black, (guess you've all seen that coming), decorate with red details, and maybe some white lace, than add some matte varnish.

Added the red, the picture. and the varnis, and ruined the whole thing. :D The varnis picked up the black tempera from the tin can, and made it all blotchy. 

I need to repaint it with black acrilic paint, and use better products. I don't like the red details, and the picture got creasy. Sure, this is not my best project! More of a how not to... It is rather an unfinished one, than a ruined one, but still.

Thanks for the posts:

Tomorrow: The beginning of wardrobe-related posts. Something handmade, you wear above your neck. 

Have fun!

2012. július 7., szombat

BatFit 2012: 5,2 km swim: I did it!

You know, in every war, there are victims. Say goodbye to my nice smooth pale skin. I will miss you. The memory of your departure still hurts. OK, enough with the drama: The thing is, that even though I was wearing SPF 50 sunscreen, I got terribly sunburnt. On my face. My eyelids are OK, but below it is red horror. BUT We did it! 

In 4 hours and ten minutes, I swam 5,2 kilometers!

At first we got to go to the health checkup. We had to stand in a crowded line, in about 37 celsius degrees, after an unusually strong morning coffe, and I ran around to check if there are shorter queue. Guess who had to sit downto wait "to get a normal pulse." My blood pressure was normal, but my pulse was 120. (This should be around 70.)
After this rest we started to swim.

My thoughts occuring at various buoys:


Wow, we already reached the first kilometer! Wait... WHAT? We have to swim ten times of this? I'll die here, and wild fish will eat my fesh, or I turn into a water-zombie and prey on the cross-swimmers. Or give up at half, and bring shame to my name, thus have to commit suicide. (Glances back.) Heyy, I can swim so quickly, that buoy is already far away, I'm cool!


Well, sure, for some reason they skipped one, this should be one and a half, as it is as far from the first buoy, as the first from the beach...Waaaaaiiiiit. That's mathematically... Oh, yeah, this is the first one, time to swim to a boat for some glucose candy and water.


Wow, already here? We are cool and fast, I start to feel like I'm swimming! Ohh I love water and bright blue sky, and why on earth was I so frightened of the sun? It's sooo nice and warm here....


That cloud looks like an elephant! And there is a rubber duckie, oh and a bird, and a cat, and a...muffin?


I'm starving. We reached the middle. When I climb out, I demand pizza. Even clouds look like food. I have to stop looking at them.


 In the middle of the lake. This universe is huge, I'm just a small atom, here floating. So peaceful.


 No, Ladybug, please don't die! Here, sit on my cap, I'll carry you out. Even if the water is a bit wavy.


Another kilometer? I hope soon we can walk. The small waves got huge, and I have to swim harder to keep the south-west direction, instead of south-east.  Mum looks tired, but I won't mention her that I am tired, too.  Whining would only make it worse. My face hurts a bit.


The other beach is so distant, I just can't believe we did it...so far. Another two ladybugs on my cap.


Can I reach the ground? Please! I feel like floating membrane will grow around my fingers if I won't leave the water soon!


What is this? I can reach the bottom! Wait, how am I supposed to walk?...


Water, food, shower, I need it! Oh, I have to smile for the photo-finish? LADYBUGS still alive! Yieee! 

That smile hurt. First I grab some food, then I'll check it.

Food tent:

Oh, we only get two of these after all this queue? I'm so hungry, could you please, oh thanks for the third one! ^^

Dialog with the family:

Whose face is redder, mine or her?
Mum: Well, just about the same. 
Sister: Jeeesus!
Me: Ooooh, my GOD, NO!

  Dialog at the Healthcare tent:

So why are you here? 
Well, it hurts to smile. I have no mirror, just think I got slightly burned.
Here, use this. Loads of it.
Wow, thanks!

This is a picture, where redness started to take over. It got worse. Even my lips burned. I am so goth, that it HURTS when I smile, but I do it anyway. I just realised that I smile a lot. Not now, just inside my head. 


2012. július 6., péntek

BatFit 2012: Balaton cross swimming tomorrow!

Yes, the point of the whole post is this: Tomorrow, Hopefully I'll swim across Balaton!! Woo-hoo!

We will have a health check-up, then we can start to swim! ^^  Last time, as I remember they only took my blood pressure. Twice, because it was too low. And we have to sign a paper, that if we die it's totally our fault, not their.

That's what you see after you start swimming. Picture from 2009.

I remember that as kids we were interwieved, basically, they were interested if our MUM pushes me and my sister to swim. :D No, we just loved water. This year it'll be the three of us again, my coward dead tired Love backed down. :(

In every 20-30 meters there will be ships, if one wants to take a rest, and a small emergency motorboat circles around, just in case. Thanks to the heat, the water is said to be warm.

I'm just soooo exited!

2012. július 3., kedd

My Love needs help!

Now, before every reader pictures him in a straightjacket, I have to tell:  he would like to dress in elegant, unique and dark clothes, A metalhead, who looks too handsome to be a real metalhead, in office environment: Shall I call it corpgoth, or corpmetal? :D

After surfing throug a few pages we found:

1. Skater clothes, in black.

2. Elvis clothes, in black.

3. Too much chain, pattern, leather and frills. One of them is ok, but not ALL in one piece of clothing.

4. Overpriced items with no fit and/or bad material quality.

5. Clothes, wich are a sort of too girly for him. Like heels, handbags and skirts.

6. Average clothes with a gothish detail, under a pompous name. Like a black shirt, with silver buttons, under the name "Prince of Darkness Shirt."

And if those guys, who wear those clothes, are the best looking goths they could find, I am really worried.

So, please if you know any nice altenatives for him, let me know!

 Oh, and if anyone finds a piece of clothing that features all of the above, I'll post a picture, where I look like a drag-hippie guy! :D