2012. május 24., csütörtök

New cosmetics and eye redness - Updated

Yesterday was shopping day for me: I needed new eyecream, facesoap and corrector. As I've promised I purchased and tried Alverde's Anti-aging eyeserum, kakuidori mentioned in THIS post. I've tried them all yesterday, and in the evening I noticed that skin under my right eye is slightly red and swollen. I woke up with some pain under my eye, and now I can't decide wich caused it. Probably none. Maybe it's just the lack of higenie on local buses. Maybe it's the first sign of a lethal virus, and  I'll die tomorrow, and turn into a zombie.  Maybe my *sparkly* Maybelline Night Sky eyeshadow and my contact lenses started a war, despite being friends for a long time? (The label says, it's OK to wear it with contacts.) 
I bought:

- Lush's Fresh Farmacy facial soap, for sensitive skin. It contains chamomila lavander and rose, wich soothes the red, irritated skin. This is one of my favourite Lush products, and used it everyday.

- Alverde's Anti-Aging Eyeserum works, after two use the small and totally un-goth smile lines started to fade.

- Garnier Anti-spot roll on didn't get near my eyes.This treatment works. Actually this is the only one that works, and I've tried a lot of things for spots.

- Manhattan Clearface coverstick seemed to be promising, but it's too thick, and oily. It also makes the pores look huge, and applying a thin layer is beyond my skills. I'll use it, anyway, to figure out how can I make it look OK.

The chord wich transfers photos from my mobile to the computer broke, so I have two posts waiting as draft, till I find out how  my Love fixes it. I'm not sure how.

Up: I brought all the packages of the new goodies, and the Doctor said, that they are harmless, but don't use any sort of creams while my eye hurts. :(
She prescribed me a real eyecream, wich I have to put directly on my eyeball. Three times a day. It is funny, in a weird sort of way. :D

2012. május 16., szerda

Prized possesions

For occasions, (like birthday, christmas, namedays) I mostly ask for handmade presents, so I have loads of cute things, that mean a lot for me.

I ended up choosing a few necklaces.

So, from the top:

The first one is my second handmade necklace, where I tried to apply button to close, and the pendant was an earring before. I wore it a lot, and it is still one of my favourites, as it is a proof, that I'm good at sewing together gothy stuff. 

The second one is made by my sister, when she was only four years old. I love how kids can create random and beautyful things. Also, it is a great performance from such a young lady to handle the neeld with such virtuosity!

The third one, is handmade by my Mother, whose hobby is beading. She made me more than one, I chose this for I love the turqoise and black together.

The next one might be familiar, as I got it at the Emilie Autumn's concert from my Love.

The fairie on the left is form 2007's Sziget festival, where I've seen NIN and Placebo, and had fun at the festival. And bought this farie.

The amorf figure (wich always reminded me of a naked fairie covered with her hair...) is made from real leather, and I got it in a Transsylvanian festival. It reminds me a sunny day, when I held hands with my Love and walked in a creek, with no shoes on...

I saved the favourite for the end. As soon as I saw this medal, I wanted it. Financially, I was even more broke then, (I even lent people my university notes for sandwiches...) so buying was out question. However, nearly every month I made it to the shop, stared at it in the shopwindow. I knew it was made for, me, I knew it. After nearly a year of longing, my birthday came, and I got some money from my grandmother to "buy myself somthing nice." My first tought was food, then I remembered the pendant. When I got to the shop, it wasn't on display, and it was a big sale there...
I found it hidden behind something, and it was even 30% off. Since that I usually wear it, on a silver chain, wich is (also) a gift from my Grandmother.

I must add this small brag about how I lured my Love into the handmade-things-are-cool side! When we met, he knew very little about painting on glasses, and haven't really done creative stuff since his childhood. And he came up with this übergoth mirror, for my nameday, and these artist quality candle holders for other occasions.
The huggy batcats represent us, and how we love each other. (Paperbags are available, if you're puking from that much cuteness.)

His nice parents surprised us with a matching soup bowl and plate, with my name on it, handpainted by a potter.

As a closing: I keep having strange dreams. Sometimes, (very rarely) I keep re-dreming the same dream, with vivid colouring and so beautyful symbolism, that I feel like crying when I wake up. They are not blurry at all, I remember the smells, the colours, the feeling as water touches my body, and my leg touches the soil...
Strictly speaking, those are not possesions, as I can't grab them, but in my mind I have this world, full of thoughts and  slowly spoken meaningful sentences.
 I keep dreaming one, that's why I'm so absent, I needed to solve it, before starting anything productive.