2012. április 23., hétfő

Budget - My list of essential beauty products

(I wrote about my budget in the previous post. This is a more detailed description of how I try to avoid returning home with a bagfull of lotions, only to realise that I still have four half-full bottles in the back of my beauty-shelf.)

So, I've said no more beauty products. Exept (here is my loophole!) if I use up something, that I use regularly, and need  a replacement.  The result was that I've started to use more nice things instead of just collecting them.

When buying a replacement I consider two things: Price and quality. Wich is the minimum quality I need? How much is the maximum I can spend on a product? I don't want to use cheap foundation, wich clogs the pores, and then buy zillion things to treat my damaged skin, and I don't want to waste my money on some overpriced product, if I can get the same quality, but for a reasonable price. 

 Another rule is to tell apart what is a "need" and what is a "want." That's hard.

To make it easy to stay within the borders of my budget, I made a list, writing down ALL the beauty-things I need. The cathegories from head to toe:

- Hair: Shampoo, Conditioner, leave-in treatment, hairdye, hair treatment thingie for dry and dyed hair.

Lush's Rehab shampoo lasts for really long time, but the matching Retread conditioner is enough only for about fifteen use. When it's all gone, I'll buy some Wella conditioner. Bigger amounts are usually cheaper, here the law is that every shop has to show the price/mililiter so consumers can easily compare the prices.

- Face:  makeup remover/cleanser (This), eyecream (This), UV-protection daycream (This ), and a cream for sensitive skin at night (This). 

I use Helia D products, as they are not expensive, but effective for everyone. (My Mother and Grandmother use Helia D products, too.)  I also use their body lotion, (This) it's nothing special, but it's better quality than the lotions with the same price. Also, it smells good, and absorbes in seconds. 

I have their Hair loss essence, wich smells like Unicum (or like Jagermeister), but massaging my scalp every single f... day was a bit too much for me, (even if it promised loads of nice things to happen,) so I don't know if it's effective. :(

NOW you get a FREE eyecream if you shop above 50 Euros, so if you need (or want ;D) some of their products, check their WEBshop.

Facial Scrub: I use Lush's Angels on Bareskin, and will re-purchase it as soon as it's out. I also use borrow My Love's Garnier Pure scrub, in cases of breakouts. I  have a Garnier Active Roll-on for those nasty spots.

Cold Wax: I have to much hair on my face, and have always been envious to the ones who don't. I use X-epil for sensitive skin strips, and an epilator once a week.Yeah, on my face. As hairs are blonde, they can't be removed permanently with surgical methods, so I have to live with that. Seriosly, one of my biggest fears about it, that when I will be old, and my grandchildren will need money, they will sell me to some Circus to be the Old Bearded Lady there...

Toner: Now I use five drops of Tee Tree Oil in 250 ml of water, I have to shake it well before use, as oil and water doesn't mix very well at all.

Almond oil: I already wrote about it. This is one of my favourite things, as it can be used for loads of things, including: removing wax, instead of serum on face, removing too long-lasting makeup, base for massage oils, moisturising dry bodyparts, before washing hair rubbing on split ends, ingridiente of facial masks, leg rubs.

Face masks: I see loads of home-made-stuff potential here. ^^
Makeup: I shopped too much for that kind, and had to throw away loads of expired foundations. 
It's really depends who needs what, but my basic list is: foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, eyeliner, eyepencil, eyepowder, (all in black, any other colour is just an extra), lipliner, rouge.

Here, I have to mention that yesterday my parents took me to Shopping City Süd, next to Vienna, in order to "surprise" me with some summer clothes&shoes. They are so lovely. 

My current Cover Girl eyeliner started to irritate my skin, and felt uncomfortable to wear, so I bought a Marie Christine permanent eyeliner and got a sample Chanel 5 as a gift. Douglas in there is so much better, and I was looking for this kind of liner for a very long time. Feels like I have nothing on my lids, and it's rubproof, or at least bears when the wearer changes dresses every ten minutes. It also promises, to stay on for 24 hours. I guess, that 24 hours, that don't include a facewash.

The tip of it is just that felt-tip what I prefer. It was 9.40 Euros, wich makes it a great purchase! Lip contours with he same felt tips are sold also.

-Nails: nailpolishes, remover (acetone-free), cotton, nail file, nail scissors, lace.(See my lace nail tutorial here.) You can't have enough nailpolish. I prefer the long-lasting ones as I'm really lazy. The Bourjois nailpolis still looks fine on my toes!

-Body: body scrub, body lotion, some soap with nice smell (LUSH!), or shower gel with nice smell. I have so many of these, that I won't buy a new one this year. Not sure if it makes me happy or sad. I also use chestnut cream wich prevents varicos veins.

- Feet: some strong oily scrub. I use the mixture of almond oil, mint oil and sugar sometimes.

2012. április 18., szerda


Since the end of february I'm on a budget, and need to review things, and pat my own shoulder.  XD

1. Beauty products: The plan was to use up what I've got, and only buy replacement for things I've used up, and try inexpensive self-made things. 
 I've made a "give away" box, for too dark powders and things I've never used, my friends were happy with that, as they got lots of free stuff. :D

My purchases: coloured shampoo (it was 50% off, and covers my roots), wax for sensitive skin (sideburns are really steampunk, but not for a girl), corrector with salicilic acid (covers the post-wax blemishes), Garnier Pure mask (it was a cheat, as I still have Mask of Magnaminty by Lush, but my skin needed something stronger than that), and a pink nailpolis by Bourjois.

Source: This AWESOME page.

This is the hardest part of all. I've made a list about the beauty products I use regularly, and kept it in my wallet in order to read it when I want to buy something superficial.
I've made my own:
- Toner: tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle, shake well before use! Tee tree oil also cures mosquito bites. If you have sensitive skin, try it on a small area, before rubbing it all over your face.
- Dry skin bath: put some oats in an old sock I mixed mine with dry rosepetals and fill your bath through it. The easiest method is to pull the sock over the shower head, and secure it with a hairband.
I've started using almond oil as a  serum. It's a jolly joker: also good for treating the hair's split ends, removing eye-makeup, rubbing on dry elebows and knees, removes wax... Also, it is inexpensive.
2. Clothes: The plan was that instead of buying new clothes wear the "long ago not worn" clothes, and sell the ones that are still in good condition. I haven't started selling, as I want my sister and friends to try if they could find anything nice. And I got a new T-shirt, but it was a gift from my Mum. :)

3. Eating out: The plan was to stop it, exept if I invite my Love. This is clearly a success.

4. Houshold and decoration. I am not guilty in a single thing here. 

5. Crafting materials:  Well, you know it was Easter, and birthdays and stuff...

6. Coffee,  mineral water in small bottles: I keep  a small one in my bag and keep refilling it with tapwater.

7. Cigarette: This is clearly a win. I bought one pack of Djarum Black in the end of february, and smoked the last one a week ago, and havn't bought new since. I'm not saying no when a friend offers me one, but... I will really be an ex-smoker, soon.

Other: Yoga classes added a lot to my expenses, even more than I could save with all these limitations, so I have to do it at home. In May I'll continue.  

2012. április 16., hétfő

Artistic inspiration: Anita Klein

I knew that as I'm in a sort of stressful period, I need a harmonic inspiration. When feeling down, I have tendencies to wear my black plush jogging with the hoodie, and earplugs to avoid conversations, and when stepping out of the flat, blue jeans with some colourful cardigan, to avoid attention. 

I ended up with Anita Klein, as her pictures shout HARMONY, at least for me.
When visiting London, at an art gallery I got a flier of her print "Meghan's canary at the vet" and I fell in love. I still have it taped to the wall of my room.

Image from her Homepage.

The inspiration:

Also from her homepage.

And here is what I wore for the shopping saturday:

The picture is taken by a funny 10-year old, so don't be harsh on quality. Please.

You can also see, that I tape fliers of exhibitions I've visited to the every square-centimeter of my room.  On the door, you can see Lajos Gulácsy's "The garden of the magician", below that there are a few printed sonettes of Shakespeare. My whole room is intended to be inspirational. Yes, especially the fluffy pink blanket.

Source: Google.
At firs I thought that this should be my inspiration, but the presence of the man confused me. This is more about the importance of love in my life, and the desire to love and be loved...

So, I got the red pearls, the stripy jumper, the smile, and a red skirt instead of poppies. This is how I left the house: 

I had a nice day, and bought a muffin icing-inspired pink nailpolish by Bourjois, and a Le Professeur Gothique-inspired (= black print on white) T-shirt...

Quick update: After sleeping, I decided, to put a few pictures from Katalin Szegedi, my favourite illustrator. She also drew a Tarot deck, wich I use for meditation and guidiance.

HERE you can see all the cards, and HERE is her blog. It's mostly hungarian, but I've found a translated post, about illustrating Alice in wonderland. 

The Moon.

2012. április 2., hétfő

Monthly theme post: Flowers

After runing around and searching through my Love's flat (where I'm now) I've only found an elegant winter coat with some flower pattern, a hairband, and a set of sexy underwear. That'd make a nice outfit, but no adult content here.^^

This is a plain list, based on what my senses love about flowers:

Smell: Real flowers have nice smell, but the ones sold at florists during winter are often smell either neutral or unpleasant, so I either wait for spring or wear perfumes. My favourites are sweet and floral perfumes: jasmine, rose, violet,  lilly of the valley, and lilac. ( Now I recall, that we had all of these in our garden, when I was a kid. ) I currently have L`Eau d`Issey Florale Issey Miyake for women and Flower by Kenzo Essentielle Kenzo for women.  Florale is a perfect spring perfume, but I don't smell like a dessert. Well, vanilla and  cloves are for cold weather, anyway.

Detailed description

For every perfum-maniac I recommend fragrantica.com  be careful, it's addictive! ^^

See: Currently, I am crazy about poppies. Not only because it sounds like "Poppins" but because of this:

Found along with other goodies HERE.

I know I need this. Or something else with Poppies. Currently I'm on a budget, saving for our summer trip to Paris, so it will have to wait for me. 

Taste: Weird, I know, but did you know that Sissi loved violet smoothies?  I love lavander chocolate,  violet candies, and to make  elderflower juice. (As soon as flowers out, tutorial is coming!) If you have difficulties in falling asleep, a warm cup of milk with some lavander honey  helps to calm your nerves down.

Hear:  I adore the music of Kövi Szabolcs (his family name is Kövi, we have names the other way round), this piece is here because it's title is "The secret garden." If we could hear flowers bloom, that would be their sound. Here is his homepage in english. ^^