2012. március 30., péntek

You know it is spring...

...well at least I know that it's spring when:

- Retro-music hunger kicks in. I shall have a retro party, soon with a strict dresscode.

Or craving for the sound of The Offspring in my ears while biking in my baggy multiple-pocketed pants. (According to other bloggers, it screams "mallgoth.")  I live with my parents on a small hill, so I love to start the biking-year with speeding down, and listening to this:

My parents worked this week out of the city so I had to get my little sister home from school. It was fun, because we went with bikes, and she is such a cutie! On our way home we raced with a two-year-old stranger, on a small plastic motorbike, who nearly got away from his Mom.  XD 
To avoid accidentally kidnapping him, we waited for her Mother, me a bit annoyed, but she was just laughing while the kid bragged about "being quicker than the big bikes".

The day was sunny, but I felt that cold was coming, and regretted lefting my coat at home. Close to our house, there is a small pond, so we also went there to check if there are any ducks around.

Feeding ducks reduces stress. Try it.

My sister (10 years old) with her cute pink bike.
We got home in a longer route, to bike down a steep street. Wind got even stronger, so to avoid freezing, we baked some muffins, and I tried to educate her music taste. After such a tiring day we deserved some carbohidrates, and we are both slim (so far).

2012. március 27., kedd

Teapot-shaped Teapot holder

I owe you some explanation, as my last monday entry was more than a month ago. As a teen I got a teapot-shaped teapot holder, made of clay. I wanted to decorate it in the most beautiful way I can. So sometimes I just sat, with the plain thing in front of me, and tried to imagine all the nice things I'll paint on it. At the last minute I always backed away, and put it back to the "next time" box. Years passed, and I still didn"t know what to do with it. In february, I said that the next thing I'll do will be the teapot-shaped teapot holder. 

My teapot is black, so I wanted to decorate it in the old-fashioned cute-pink-muffin way. After about ten years I had the courage to paint the whole thing white and add some pattern, but it's not finished yet. I promise, I won't wait another ten years to continue this. I plan to add some black/silver/white contour to the muffins and the top, and to paint the whole thing pastelle purple, or lilac (maybe not). I also plan to add some stripes to the handle, some crackling paint and antique pasta to the top, to make it worn-looking. Maybe that will be too much, but I'll know where to stop. ^^

I also stuck with this beautiful silver mask. I wanted to add glitter, and feathers, and other things, but somehow I always stopped and just stared at it.

Here is a finished project:

I added two coats of varnish to the top of this autumn picture.

It's a  simple circle, cut out of cardboard boxes, some blue wrap paper, and dried leaves glued together. I aded the varnish to make it last longer.

And, for the birthday of My Love's mother: 

It still needs a topcoat and some corrections (notice the blue drops on the purple tulips?), but I think it turned out really nice.  They will move to a nice house with a big garden, so I've figured out she will need a planner for garden goodies. I asked his son about her colour preferences, (I knew blue green with a hint of purple...) so I hope she'll like it!

And here is an Easter basket:

Notice the pink and black butterfly? :)

2012. március 20., kedd

About Emilie Autumn concert


From some tumblr.
The only problem is, that it was on sunday, starting from 9. So, on sunday we were really happy, that we have plenty of time to get dressed and put on nice elaborate makeup (only me). At around 5 p.m. I looked at the homepage of the place where they've played to figure out how to get there, and I got horrified: 

It said, that the concert starts at 19.00! Ohh, NOOOO!

We got dressed in 22 minutes, shower and makeup included. I nearly cried, when we missed the tram, that comes in every 20 minutes, and my Love promised me there, that if we miss this, and if The Birthday Massacre comes anywhere nearby, we will go, and he will organise it. (Also, the same with Ashbury Heights and Laibach.)

We got there around 19.30, and realised, that not we're the only ones who came a bit late... We were lucky, as it turned out, that  they start letting people in at 19.00! To my question, that when exactly will the concert start, I only recieved a shrug. Sweet. (That means "fuck it/you.")
It felt so strange, last time I was there, smoking was allowed, but since january it's forbidden. I saw the ceiling of the club for the first time, I guess, and our clothes and hair smellt O.K. after spending there an evening!

The concert started around 20.00 with 4 o'clock.  It was the first time I've seen them live, and after what I've read from her "big fans" ("FLAG sucks, she looks terrible IRL, lip-syncs a lot") I prepaired for disappointment.  "They" also said wrote that she plays too much from FLAG, and not really "old" ones. I think they were in a nice balance, she is promoting her new album, and I'm a curious type.  (I remember hearing Liar, The art of Suicide, God help me, Thank God I'm pretty, and Dominant. From FLAG I recognised Gaslight, Time for Tea, Girls! Girls! Girls!, One Foot in front of the Other  and of course Fight like a Girl. )
They were actresses, acrobats and singers at the same time, and as a whole it was a really professional performance.
Our tickets, and my Lovely New Necklace.

After the show my Love surprised me (OK, I've chosen) with the cutest necklace there. See, I don't wear any band shirts, because I'm not going to pay for advertising someone on my boobs, and I don't ever wear a shirt with a hot girl on it, I mean they look at the girl on the shirt and at me, and again, and next to Marylin Monroe everybody looks ugly. 
There were also cute praying skeletons saying "Thank God I'm pretty."They were really tempting, but the necklace won. We also got a Veronica Varlow poster as a free gift, wich I'm not sure where to hang. :D

2012. március 14., szerda

Basic Goth Shoes

I was trying to put this post together for a while, but realised, that  have just too much for one, so I'll start with my favourite type of clothing: SHOES!

When writing this list, I was thinking about situations in wich a goth girl,  with a semi-strict dresscode at work/school, at continental climate comes across. I also made two sub-types: basic and advanced. The great difference is, that from basic items I only need one, and from the advanced, the number of choices are closer to infinite. :D 
I usually try to find real leather shoes, because they last longer, if maintained well, and I am not rich enough to change my whole shoe collection in every season. Sorry if wearing a dead animal's skin disgusts you, I prefer to use up every part if it's killed, anyway. (Yeah, I have strange logic.)

1. Boots: As you might already know, boots are not only for winter. :)
- Classical combat boots. 
I started out wit some purple shelley's , and wore it with black jeans and a lacey black blouse over a black fitted t-shirt, and a plush hat, even in the summer. I still think that it was a quite decent outfit.
- Long combat boots. 
Of course, worn with fishnet stockings and a frilly skirt. Or anything else. Now I only have a slightly tattered 6 years old, 20-eyed Shelley's. 
- Warm, ugly boots, for the time when the snowstorm reaches your place. Can be used when skiing, also.
- High-heeled elegant/girly boots, with a tiny gothy detail. You know, for occasions, when you have to struggle through your winter day, in a formal environment.

- High-heeled boots with an "obvious" goth detail.Something special, you wouldn't wear for everyday will be fine. You might end up wearing it seven days for a row, just like I did with The birthday boots.

- Any type of plateau boots. You ether have to be really stylish, to not overdo it, or beautyful to get away with overdoing it. I only have heels, for plateaus  look too heavy for me, and they are too expensive for "just to try". ^^ 

2. Girly shoes
Basic: All of them made of simple black leather.
- Balerina shoes.
- Mary Janes: with and/or without heels.
- Elegant heels, to match your coctail dress, when going to the Theater, or the Operahouse.
- Girly plateaus. I really want a pair of them, but shipping costs more than the shoe itself. :(
-  All of the above, but in different heel height and colours. Anything else, really. My Mom always says, that every girl needs a pair of "hot red high heels, in wich you feel like you own the world."

Red Mary Janes are my favourite spring shoes.

3. Sandals:
- A pair, wich looks great with floor-length black skirt, I recommend flats. 
- Elegant high heeled.
- Black flip-flops. I know, not the most gothy item, but we all go to a beach at some time of our lives, and if you only have black clothes, and some colourfull flip-flop... 
I planned to put here a link to demonia sandals, but my common sense won, so: any kind of sandal, you can wear all day without falling or slipping. Drunk slipping don't count.

4. Casual/excersise shoes
- Black sneakers, for casual days in the city.
- Trainers, in wich you can climb a mountain.
No advanced here, who wants more than one of these types, when you can spend on heels?

2012. március 5., hétfő

Spring pictures

Most goths adore autumn, and/or winter, as it wonderfully symbolises, that even the prettiest has to wither at some time... Or maybe because you don't get bankrupt for wasting all your money on extra-safe sunscreen. (I ceartanly have a thing for sunscreens, meh.)

I'm a real rebel, who ties a belt. ^^

My favourite season is always the one we have.^^  Now, I like spring, because I can long for autumn... nah, kidding. 
 I have a strange connection with early spring, for my real name means ""springbringer faerie" and was also the name of the first hungarian catholic king's pagan love, whom he had to abandon to marry a catholic princess. As legends say. :)

Every spring I like to take long walks, and watch how nature wakes, you can hear in the forests that birds are chirping somehow differently, not like the "nice weather we are having"-type but the  "come here girls, I am the loudest and biggest and cleverest"-type. I also love spring flowers especially violets (viola odorata).

Sometimes I just kneel down to smell them.

All the pictures were taken by me and/or my Love, from past april.

P.S.: I now have sixteen followers, thank you!