2012. február 24., péntek

Lush products review

I'm a great fan of Lush, their products are perfect for enviromentally concious gothlings, and hedonists. As a bit of both, I use them a lot. (Unintentional rhimes strike again...) These are the products we currently have: 

The Dirty products are used by My Love, so no comment here about them.

Karma: Lasts longer than the others, and the smell of lavander orange and pine makes my mind go all OHMmmmmm.
Demon in the Dark and Ice Blue: They were for my love, but sometimes I borrowed them. ^^ Lush stopped to produce them, though Ice Blue was my favourite to smell on him, with mint and salt.   
Vanilla in the Mist is another not anymore produced soap, my another favourite, smelled like vanilla and coffe. :(  
I have a small piece of Porridge left, but I wasn't really satisfied with it, because it had more grains than soap, even if I spent minutes to peel them off from the surface. 
They gave me Lust as a gift, (I mean, the soap, called Lust) and after shower the whole flat smells like sweet yasmine. And it's bright pink with small sparkles, wich luckily wash off. Maybe a new favourite?

Iced Wine: A limited edition stuff from 2010's Christmas, and has a rare tropical smell, like some cocktail in a summer night.
Rub Rub Rub: Since it's in a pot, it's easyer to use. My skin was dry, and red thanks to winter, so I used it yesterday, and now my skin is fine.

Fresh farmacy: Perfect facial soap for dry and sensitive skin, I clean mine with this everyday and it got a lot better. It's easy to handle and store.
Coalface: Dries my skin a bit too much, but does miracles with oily skin.
Dark Angels: My firs cleanser from them, but it was too rough for my sensitive skin, so I use it only in emergency. It smells like roses and mud. <3
Angels on bareskin: This is a new purchase, and so far I really like it, the smell, the softness...
Herbalism: I got a sample of it before buying, luckily, because the smell of it is not my favourite. I prefer Angels. ^^
Tee Tree Water: Again, I like the smell, but I'm not sure, if I re-purchase, because it wasn't THAT effective.
Grease lightning: Soothes the irritated red skin, but doesn't prevents breakouts, in my case.
 Ocean Salt: Love the feel of it, and it felt like smearing salt and lime on my face. Wich is exactly what it is.
Mask of Magnaminty: After putting on I feel a bit of warming on my face. This was the first product I bought, and I still like it, because it somehow absorbes blackheads, and after washing it of my skin feels soft, not dry. I use my Helia D hydrating cream afterwards, anyway.

Rehab: It's among it's promises, that if you use it, your hair won't break if you pull one, it'll strech to a point. True. And it's smell cures lighter cases of hangover sickness. ^^
Big: My hair got really BIG but way too fuzzy. Rubbing my scalp with some salty thing felt awesome, but it's for someone with heavy and oily hair, not fuzzy and weak, like mine.
Retread: Smells like somthing from my childhood I can't recall. Makes my hair shiny, and I have the illusion that it also strengthenes it.
H'suan wen Hua: A week after dying my hair I've used it, and it felt all silky and smooth.
 R&B: I use it, when i braid my hair, and after washing it, while still wet, I smooth a small amount on the tips, to prevent breaking.
I use Sparkle tooty tabs, and I'm very satisfied. In the mornings I avoided to eat after washing teeth, because everything had yuckie minty taste thanks to toothpaste. My teeth are whiter, and cleaner,  I feel. And I can have huge yummie breakfasts.

Sugar Srub and other sugary scrubs got stonehard at the end, maybe I should have broke them into pecies, or something, but the main thing is, that they weren't really practical.
Honey Trap is a tastey lip balm in a small metal tin, during and skiing I've used it, and my mouth hasn't dried as much as usually. I still managed to be sooo true goth, that when I've tried to smile, my mouth started to bleed. XD
Karma Cream: I got it as a Christmas present from My Love's parents, and it keeps the promises written on the lid: makes my skin smooth, and if I use it before sleeping, I dream about nice things.
Smitten was a handcream, I'd say nothing special as a handcream, but it smelled like marzipan. I've always used a small amount before leaving the flat to prevent my skin from drying. It's not produced anymore, so I'll have to find some other yummie handcream.
Oh, and ALL the bubble bars and bath bombs I've tried so far are super! I only use the half of the bubble bars at one time. 

I'm really curious about Stenders, L'Occitane and other shops, offering "fresh" and "organic" products, but I'm just too big fan of Lush to try them... Any experiences? 

2012. február 20., hétfő

Clay flowerpot decoupaged

I had a clay flowerpot, and a Rosina Wachtmeister cat cut out of a napkin, some paints and varnishes.
After some time...
White paint, decoupaged cat and cracling varnish is added...

...and that's how it turned out...or up?

The red is more orangish, than on the picture. Actually, it's so close to blood red, that when I saw paint streakes on my arm, I got really surprtised, that I'm bleeding, and it doesn't hurts. XD 

I keep thinking about these two bags:

They look soooo nice on the front, but their material, is so bad quality, that it's unrepairable. I can't throw them out, so I guess I have to take them to some professional, to re-create the whole bags.

2012. február 16., csütörtök

My two lovely dresses

Yipppiee, I can post the pictures about the two dresses!They are made with my phone, so the quality is not the best, but the main thing is visible: They look absolutely glamourous.

The bow on the back was torn, I've fixed that.

The zipper was torn, and I've fixed that. :D

I got the golden one for Christmas in 2010, and the pink one yesterday, for my birtday. Ok, I had it my closet for a while, but I promised I won't wear it, till my birtday. Both of them were on sale at Peak&Cloppenburg, and both of them is made for a thin waisted girl who wears a 75D size bra. That figure is not quite common, so the pink one stayed at the shop for nearly two entire years, waiting for me, because it's 2010 spring collection. When spring will come, I plan to wear them to the Operahouse, that will be a splendid background. :) 
I attend to opera regularly, thanks to my parents, and always sit in the firs row, (oh, I sound like a such a snob XD) last time I saw Boito's Mefistofele. It was... it's really hard to describe it, so here is a video. Yes, it's legal, and not my own, the official Hungarian Operahouse uploaded it. :)

Yes, they are angels, dressed in some kind of latex and plastic, and a huge DNA stairway in the background. And the music, ahhh...

I love when traditional music and modern visuals are mixed.
Once during La Calunnia, in Rossini's The Barber of Seville, Don Basilio reached into his old-fashioned bag and took out a laptop, to demonstrate, how to create false rumours.

2012. február 13., hétfő

February Homework Assignment: "I Forgot I Even Own This!"

Le Professeur Gothique's blog.

I've planned to take a picture of all the clothes, and outfits I've found, but "computer says Noo", I  can't upload any pictures, not even the ones about the clothes I've planned to sell. Meh.

Soo, instead of skipping i've decided to dig deeply both in my cabinet and my computer memory, and try to find old pictures about clothes, I still have, and unsure wenether to keep, or get rid of.

I still have the headdres, the lacey top and the gloves, but the skirt is torn, and unrepairable, but I still keep it, hoping, that I'll find a way to make it wearable again. I have red hair now, and it doesn't really matches with the burgundy bow, and the top has a halter-neck, wich I don't really like, maybe i need to alter that...

Before the next picture, I would like to state, that I had to volunteer (really, because of University) at a camp, and they told me to wear colourful and silly clothes, and that was my best. 
Yes, that's a  pink dead bunny in a pink frying pan, and a green balerina-ish skirt with black dots and green rimmed sunglasses. And a black-silver cross, wich I've forgot to take off. I still have ALL of them though I haven't worn the skirt since, so I've decided to try to sell it. I like the bunny shirt, but I haven't really worn that one either, because it's a bit too tight by the shoulders. I love the huge green rimmed glasses, perfect for a too sunny summer day, but I've packed it away a time ago, so I had to look for it for a few minutes.
This is the oldest picture of all, featuring my "babybat outfit".  Fishnets and eight-eyed Shelleys completed the picture.
I was having a summer vacation with my Mom in Paris, and this is taken at the tower of Notre Dame. Yes, it was being renovated, that's our luck. We both love art galleries, so I loved the city.
I still have all of the clothes, exept the belt, I guess I gave it away. The skirt is so worn, that you can see through it, (yes, a friend of mine realised it when we were out and I had no chance to change it), so I plan to sew an underskirt for it, or I don't know. The gloves are a bit tattered, too, and I only wear the shirt for working out, or staying at home.  And how I miss my loooong hair!

The hairband is now broken, and I really forgot about the black top, but I know I owned it in 2007, oh and I still have it! The brocade jacket is from a shop, where you can buy fabrics, and they sew some stuff to put it on display, and when they change it, (usually, in every season) they sell the clothes. I bought it really inexpensive, but I feel like I'm wearing something custom-made, especially for me, for it fits everywhere just perfectly, still. The necklace is made of leather swirls and I prefer to wear it in summer, with flat leather sandals.

2012. február 8., szerda

Decluttering tips: Clothes

Amy from Ultimate Goth Guide inspired this post, when writing about items, she shouldn't wear. Then I've realised, that I should share my routine as a declutterer with others. ^^

I LOVE to buy at second hand stores, and sometimes I can't really get rid of unnesccesary things, so my habit is, to sort out ALL of my clothes regularly.

Soo, you will need a two huge blankets, three boxes marked "Charity," "For sale," and "Must be repaired/altered", a head-to-toe mirror, and an honest friend, or family member, and good memory.
1. Put the one of the huge blankets on the floor.  
2. Pile ALL your clothes up on them. Ask the friend to mix them, and cover them with the other huge blanket. 
3. Try to guess, wich piece of clothing you grabbed under the blanket.  (Ok, you can leave this part out, if you prefer to be quick to have fun.)

If you guessed, try it on, and think of three really important things:
1. Is this dress in good condition?
If not, put it in the charity box.  Or if repairable, in the "Must be repaired" box.
2.  Is it my size? 
Again, if no, but it's easy to alter, drop it into the  the "Repair" box, if not, the "for sale" box. If you are on a diet, and they are small, then keep them, but on a separate shelf.  Or if it's the size of the Honest Helpful friend, give it to her.
3. Is it my style, does it looks good on me, do I feel like ME in this, or I'd better give it to someone, on who it looks better? 
 Ask the honest friend, and the mirror, like "Mirror mirror on the wall, do I feel good in this dress at all?"

If the ALL of the three questions, the answer is yes, you can keep them. If no, it goes to a box.  Sell them, give them away, and repair them, or if you can't take it to a professional. (For example I've bought some purple leather trousers, and the zipper needed changing.) I still have a few reparement/alteration needed bag in my closet, but I recommend to give yourself a timeline. if it's not repaired in three months, then give it away.

As you have all your clothes lying around you, it's easy to come up with new combinations. Maybe it's your style, and you feel good in that skirt, just not with that jumper.

HERE you can find other tips. For me, they are a bit too much, as I'm more of a collector type (like most women) than a throwing away everything (like most men). 

2012. február 7., kedd

Turquise Boxes

First box:
I had a small black box in my cabinet, unfinished. After painting the whole thing black I've realised, that it's really hard to decorate black with black, therefore I added cracking varnish and turquise colour.

I am not sure if it needs lace on the top, the surface looks beautyful, so I don't want to cover it, but I just love lace on boxes. ^^

The top of it without lace...

... and with lace.
Second box:

This one was an unfinished box, and I finally finished it.  The circle on the top was empty, but I just couldn't come up with any nice pattern at the time I've painted it's sides.