2012. január 23., hétfő

Repaired things

Well, at first I needed to repair things.  They were the type of things, about I say "oohh, it takes me only a minute to repair this, I could do it anytime."  So, I repaired and finished a few of them.  

This bowl needed a bit more black, and polishing. I keep my rings and earrings in them.
It is a totally-not gothic turquoise contactlens holder, and I had to glue the plastic inside to the metal outside.
Rosina Wachtmaister's cat smiles at my non-gothic little box.
Some of the feathers were torn, so I carefully glued them back. Took about 30 seconds.
The little black skull on the bow wasn't black anymore, so I used some leftover black nailpolish,  to make it happy.
I've also repair-sewn my torn black jeans, two jumpers, and other small things. And helped my Mum to sort out the old shoes, noone will wear anymore. My arms were muscle-bound, (I guess it is a Bat Fit-thing) but I've promised to help her, so I started packing. Then I've found this:

Apparently, noone ever wore it, and fits me! So, the moral of the story: Be helpful, even when you are tired, and you will find a secret treasure. ^^

2012. január 4., szerda

Kids, raised to be goth?

I took my ten year old sister to have her ear pierced yesterday, and I realised a strange-cute thing: she was wearing all nice black clothes. Black studded jeans,and a black shirt, with pink and silver writings on it. At the jewel store showed me a pin-striped bow, saying it would suit me. Last year at her school's fancy dress party in february (it's like Halloween, but chasing away winter), she dressed up as a bat. I guess I influence her a bit.

So,  googled "goth  children" and found this article. And this one, by the Lady of the Manners.

It's quite the same what I was thinking, with one exeption. A study at my university showed, that if the parent's strategy is to let their kid do everything he/she wants, he/she will have more behaviour problems as a teenager. Kids need borders, to feel safe, like we need the handrails of the stairs. Feel free to say "no", so that your "yes" will be stronger, and stick to what you have decided, or else the handrail will be too weak. I hate to see weak parents, who let the kid whine, till he/she gets what he/she wants, say no, stick to it, and your kid won't be a spoiled brat.

Kids are easy to persuade, just give them two optons. ("You can wear your black jeans, or the blue one, with hearts on the knee, wich one you prefer?"  and don't mention the glitter-blood patterned skirt. Or the dragon costume.) It works with adults, too.^^

Also found some cool pictures:
Check this one out, too.

After research wasted hours of surfing, here is my top seven favourite stuff for kids:

1. Goth Barbies. I even made two.
2.  Altered my little ponies, like Edward Scissorhands.
3. All Monster High Dolls, especially Draculaura.
4. With friends we had a joke, about "I'm soooo goth, that even my diapers were black." Now you can do it to your kid...
5. Bondage Teddy Bears. I wouldn't give that one to kids, it's just funny.
6. Black and white striped thights for kids.
7. Knitted Cthulhu.