2012. december 14., péntek

Under the bridge

Sometimes things click together,like little puzzle pieces. I had time, the weather was nice, and I decided to walk, instead of taking the tram. WARNING: Lots of pictures, mostly from water and a bridge.

And I saw something...

 In the middle of the Danube, there were seagulls. It got my hopes a bit higher. The bridge has a funny "secret" part it's under water most of the time, but when the weather is dry...

Picture from wikipedia, before the renovation.

...see that little tunnel? Let's visit it. Or is it still underwater? From above...

...maybe. See? 

Partly it's under water. But hopping through the rocks I could get in there. 

So, I was under the bridge. 

Took a few more pictures, wished that someone, who is better at it was with me, and left. On my way out I found a message:

It was DEFINITELY for me from the world. ^^ 

2012. december 7., péntek

Gothidays: How to pick a (christmas) present for someone?

In case you've misssed it, I repeat: I prefer to make handmade gifts for occasions. It's really hard to figure out what to buy to a person, who has everything!

Consider these:

Personal taste: I usually already know the favourite colours, preferred materials, alllergies.  Do some research, or just ask them in june, so they won't get suspicious. For example: I know that Vera loves ancient egyptian culture, so this year I made her something with an egyptian-themed pattern.

Life situations: One of my friends just moved to her own flat, there are plenty of things I could get for her. Someone worries about clothes moth, I start sewing lavanderbags, natural moth repellent.

"Get something for him/her that he/she needs, but wouldn't get for him/herself!" 

These were just repeating the obvious.  Here are what I gave in the past few years:
Peeks of presents.

Parents, Grandparents: Handmade christmas tree ornaments, candle holder, notebook.

Friends: Boxes, small ornaments for the "boyfriends" a diary, paintings for my Love, a painted bottle, with home-made mulled wine/cocktail.

  A weird thing happend this year: one of my friends present turned out awfully. I posted "DIY: I am a mess!" but deleted in a short, for I realised it wasn't a technical problem, I simply KNOW how to make nice things. What was the reason, then? 

Deep inside I have an ill-feeling: she never calls, and when I was in trouble she only spoke about her own (not that serious) problems. If I'd just buy her something, it would take longer to realise this. When you create something, you put your feelings in that product, I usually think: "XY will be so happy to get this, this is so much fun to create something for a beloved one."  and smile. Things made like this, can't become ugly. 


If you keep thinking: "We haven't talked in ages. I wonder if she is alive. Or better: I could be dead, and she would know nothing. Why is it like she wants a competition about who has the most miserable life? " things tend to turn out rather ugly. I decided, that first, I need to let go this frustration, then finish her present, else I only make things worse. 

This picture is from wonderful Graphics Fairy. Check her for printable goodies for creative projects!


2012. december 6., csütörtök

Gothidays: Bat-shaped cookies

To go with a nice drink, like mulled wine or glögg  we all need something crunchy-sweetness: Bat shaped gingerbread! Today, I am not making them, so I'll use the "archive" photoes, for this super-easy super-yummie cookie.

You'll need:

an egg
220 g honey
450 g (wholewheat spelled) flour 
120 g (brown) sugar
40 g butter
a teaspoon of baking powder
half teaspoon of cinnamon
half teaspoon of clove
a pinch of salt

Melt the butter the sugar and the honey in a small pot, when it is homogen, (=no knots, or sugar cristals). Let it cool down a bit, while you scramble the eggs, add a pinch of salt. Mix the flour with the spices and the baking powder. Add the egg, then the flour+spices+baking powder to the honey+butter+sugar. I usually cheat, by using pre-packed gingerbread/mulled wine spices. Use the bat-shaped cookie cutters, and from the last little leftover dough form a heart for a beloved one. <3

These were made of the mixture of spelled and white flour, with some cane sugar.
These get ready in a few MINUTES, so watch them. In the original recipie (for hearts), you should dip them in melted chocolate, than wait, until they cool down. We just dip them in nutella, as we eat them, freshly from the tray... Perfect, if you prefer to prepaire things long before celebrating, they get better by the time. I plan to cook a few trays next week, for Christmas.

When finished, the heart magically transformes to a bat! :D

2012. december 5., szerda

Gothidays: Winter village globe tutorial part 2

You can find the first part HERE. I procrascinated this post for a while, as this happened: Everything is glued together sealed, and BOOM! A tiny rooftop decides to leave its place.Luckily fixing it took about five seconds, instead of hours of glue-scraping.

We have now a few tiny paper houses, glue them on the paper circle, add fake snow for that winter effect, especially to the rooftops, and around the fence, wher snow would gather naturally. 

 This will be for my Grandmother, so I added a tiny church, too, and a comet, like the one wich lead the Three Wise Men to Betlehem.

Glued the circle-village in the plastic globe, first only one little part, after it dried the other, as I clicked the two sides together.

After a few minutes, I added snow to the outside with the putty knife, in as thin layer as possible, so it wouldn't be too heavy.

 Tied the top with a golden string, and placed a small green bow to the top.


2012. december 4., kedd

Gotidays: Advent and else we celebrate

My Love ordered the most beautyful Advent wreath, ever! He chose carefully all the things, and the florist arranged it. We lit the first candle on sunday, and the three other will follow on the three sundays remaining before Christmas.  

So, really, being raised by sort-of atheist parents: 

What do we celebrate? 

Every Christmas, my Dad told us, that long time ago, our ancestors celebrated when daylit hours started to be longer, and people celebrated that the cold and dark will go away, and light will come again. This was a symbol of rebirth, and how Good wins over Evil. Later, christians chose this date to celebrate the birth of Jesus, as people celebrated these days, anyway. Angels (NOT an obese alcoholic-diabetic man) bring you presents, if you were good all year. We celebrate love this day, and I can't explain it further without sounding  like the cute kid in the end of a ridiculous hollywood movie and repeatimg "celebrate" for zillion times.
Parents usually give us things, we need, like clothes, that we can choose, before but they hide them till christmas. I'm using right now one of my best presents to type this, a three-year-old cute netbook. 

We decorate the tree on the 24th, and supposed to pack holiday things away on the 6th of january, but once we were sort of busy, and only before my birthday party was it removed. (It's in february. The middle of it, actually. We don't really use the livingroom...) 

Usually, at Christmas dinner we cut an apple to as many slices, as we are, glue it together with honey, and everybody eats one slice, so we will be together next year.

 Oh, and if you kill a fly on christmas day you will be lucky! (This doesn't make any sense. Really. Why?)

We were lovely!

2012. december 3., hétfő

Gothidays: Mulled wine recipie

I know, holiday is about cookies, so here is a nice drink wich goes perfectly with those über-sweet things.

Mulled wine:

2 bottles of (red) wine
dried fruits, if that is your thing...

Pour the wine into a pot, then fill one of the wine bottles with water, and add. add the spices, and the dried fruits, (not the honey...) and warm it up, till you see a few bubbles. Turn off the heating, put it in a cooler place, now add the honey. Serve it in a cute mug.

You can make it stronger, if you add some rum. Someone prefers made from white wine, that one is better with sweet apples. If you boil it for about twenty minutes, it'll be safe for kids/the ones who drive, as alcohol evaporates.

2012. november 27., kedd

Winter village globe tutorial part 1

The first finished, turned out so pretty, that I wanted to share immediately!

You will need drawings of small houses...

...fake snow, an "artist knife,"  glue, a plastic globe, and a white cardboard circle,slightly smaller than the diameter of the globe. Oh, and scissors.

Cut the little houses out, glue them together. I used a toothpick to make it easier.

...a few of them finished, including a tiny church...

Remember to leave a small part of paper on, so you can glue the houses on the cardboard circle.

Half finished!

Sorry for the sideway pictures, I'll fix them tomorrow, (UPdate: just tilt your heads, I'm still lazy for that... ) today I'm just lazy...  Also, part two coming!

2012. november 23., péntek

Creative Goth Weeks 26.: Have you ever gave handmade gift?

Again, for me it's a YES, more precise is, that all I give is somewhat handmade. Someone said, that this is nice, and must be very convinient to not spend loads on gifts.  Yep, it was meant to be an insult.

In fact, it is not only spending money, but also spending time, thinking about that loved someone, while trying to make something nice for him/her. And the materials are far from what counts as "cheap."

Around Christmas, I usually get a bit overwhelmed, as my Mom was born on the 25th, my Grandmother on the 23th, and Dad has a nameday on the 21st. That means three more presents. :D Also, one of my friends  will get two presents, one for christmas and one for her birthday on the 25th.  

For Christmas, I usually give handmade ornaments for family members, earrings and something kinky for my bigger sister, as two or three years ago she surprised me with fluffy pink handcuffs, and that started the War... I also expect to get a rotten potato from my little sister. Yes, another War. :)

This year I'll make about 20  more than 20 presents, and pre-christmas panic ("Oh my God, it's november, and I have nothing finished, I'll end up running around on the 24th and end up with something ugly with glitters!!!") hit me. I'll make a post about all, but hold a few back till christmas, as I know that some of my friends check my blog occasionally.

 Also, we have to re-watch this...
From HERE. Awesome drawings.

So, sorry for the rare updates, if I'm not making presents, (or playing Plants vs. Zombies) I write finals or read a nice book about personality disorders, in turns with Harry Potter, so I won't have nightmares...

2012. november 16., péntek

Pink-black mousepad with bat and pancakes

It still needs another coat of varnish.

Yes, I'm still using a mouse, can't really get used to touchpads, let alone touchscreens.

Remember the bat-shaped cookie cutters? 

I've used them to pre-draw a bat shape on some drywall piece, and painted it, so the crumpled tablecloth won't slow my moves, when playing plants vs. zombies.

My Mother made a tower of pancakes, as she has university reunion. I just NEED to show off with this.



2012. november 8., csütörtök

Rainbow-Goth Experiment and Wardrobe Taming: results

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I wore most of the "hand me down" clothes, and loved them. Meanwhile, I did a quick "brainstorm" writing down the words, I'd love to hear when describing my own style. Here:

Overall look: Looking like a noir comic character. Or Mary Poppins (I already got them...). Still dark, nice bags, accented waist, sexy, unique jewelery. Elegant, mature, well-groomed. 

Materials and patterns: Leopard print with red, cherry-skulls, dotted, stripy, sequins, lace, beads, pearls, hearts, comfortable, sparkly.(Of course not all at once...)

Explanation in a quick way: You have to wear every "problematic piece" jotting down every night how it felt, and putting together outfits for that specific piece. Like keeping a "wardrobe diary." So far it was fun, a bright yellow short-sleeved cardigan become my favourite, I just need a huge sparkly black spider/skull pin on it!

I got rid of the too small or proper for a skinny teenage girl, looks awful on a curvy tweenage girl pile (actually, tucked them away for my little sister, I hope she will be on the dark side, too! ). Also, the "uncomfortable" clothes are now in a box, mentally labelled "open when lost 5 kilos".  

Wardrobe before...
I still have a huge pile of  "have to wear it to find out how does that feels" and "needs some altering."

2012. október 17., szerda

Wardrobe Taming: Day One

To begin with, I could be a new style guru, along with my Mom. We went to get some (free) style advice, and all they could say, that we are dressed really pretty, and have great sense of style. The two pretty girls also gave us some useful advices about colours, and I was lucky to hear that black really suits me! (I'd have never guessed.) In case you were wondering, I was wearing black ballet flats, nude pantyhose, black pencilskirt, with a thin red belt, a ruffled-fitted black blouse, red sparkling bracelet, and Dita von Teese's red lipstick by Art Deco.

Talking about inspirational women: One of my favourite bloggers is Gala Darling. Her first entry was about "fashion help for recovering goths" wich sounds totally wrong, if you are a har-harr-harrrrdcore subculture lover, but it's actually fun to read! Also, it is helpful if you have to dress like a normal person, and as I'd prefer to still look "dark-alternative" without dressing in black from toe to head, this was just for me!

She had a "Wardrobe Taming" project, back in 2007, and I've decided it's worth a try! 

My cabinets are still cluttered, and filled with  "not worn/hardly ever worn/ I'll fix it someday / butt looks huge in it, but I plan to loose weight, anyway/ hate the colour but impossible to dye/I just got it as a hand-me-down and have no idea how to wear it"  type of clothes.

So, now I have the piles of clothes, that I have to wear! Just at the tought of wearing some of them, I tossed out another small pile.  She advises to sort them out, according to the reason, why I don't wear them.

My reasons were:

1. Simply not my size.
 Gave it away, or added to the "future maternity" clothes pile. I know, I'm not even married, or plan to have kids in the next, maybe, five years, but anyway, goth-friendly maternity clothes are not that easy to find.

Pile nr. 2

2. Too extreme.
 Purple leather trousers, (from Orsay!) leather skirt, to think about it, anything PVC or leather, bondage tops, gothy tops, too short dresses and skirts, corsets, way too deep clevage (hint: my bellybutton is visible). Party clothes.

Two dresses from pile nr. 3

3. Too boring.
 Simple tees, blouses, skirts and dresses, wich would look nice in a pretty, decent 60-year old lady's wardrobe. Maybe adding neon fishnets would make them "neoavantgarde."

4. Uncomfortable.
Might call it DENIAL pile, as according to Kübler-Ross I'm in that state when I thing about my weight gaining. Happy relationships make you round, as you keep feeding each other. 
Clothes, that are just one size too small would be a  more proper name.

5. The real uncomfortable pile.
 The material, or the shape, something is just not OK. This includes the garments wich need about half an extra hour to get on.

6. Unflattering.
 Size is ok, but it looks somehow WRONG. Like that ruffled skirt, cut exactly by the middle of my butt, making it look enourmous. Maybe I just need some things to balance them out, like I adore blouses with poofy sleeves, but "I got man shoulders" so I have to wear them with simple skirts.

7. I forgot I own it. 
Weird, it's like getting something new. :)

8.  Once I loved it, but that time is gone.
Tucked them away, safely, for my little sister. Hope she'll like them. 

The GREAT challenge is to wear them, yep, outside the house, to see how does it feels.

2012. szeptember 23., vasárnap

Rainbow-Goth Experiment

I got a heap of clothes as a hand-me-downs from a relative of mine. I love them! The problem is...

Aubergine cordoroy jacket, black shirt, aubergine top, yellow-green jumper, green tee with lovely pattern.

Grey jumper, purple tee, a weird combinaton of a cardigan and a shirt, an oriental-patterned baggy tee, a very bright yellow short-sleeved cardigan thingie, and a pink-purple orange colour orgy skirt.
As you can see, only one of them is black, (the übercool everyday-gothic blouse with the poofy sleeves) the rest is well, colourful and not goth at all. (Maybe exept the green T-shirt with Lady Butterfly in top hat.) Okay, I'll go to kindergardens and schools, all around the city so I sort of HAVE to look normal. But I don't really want to. So, the experiment is, to wear ALL the new clothes, this month, and the colourful ones, I've already owned this year. 

Twenty-nine from here, black with pattern included...
...and thirty-five from here.

Goth wasn't always about the blackest black of all blacks, and if I felt cool in purple boots, black leopard print tights, fake-tattered skirt and turqoise tee as a sixteen year old, than I can cope with the colours as a mature adult. 

White, silver, beige, grey, yellow, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, turqoise, red: I'm coming.

2012. augusztus 29., szerda

Movies for gothy-girly slumber parties

Secretly, I enjoy watching cheeky romantic comedies. But in a good movie, for girls, there is at least one scene, where a hansome guy runs around without shirt (or even less clothing, if you ask me!). A nice goth-ish girl character is a bonus point, too. Ah, and FUN!  We need jokes in a good movie. Our livingroom is well, a sort of weird, I mean haunted, (that part of the house is 150 years old) so, I prefer not to watch too scary movies there, as after them I get nightmares and start sleepwalking. Wich is sort of uber-goth to say, but totally not fun to experience. 

Prepaire: this list is as shallow as a puddle. ^^

1. The Crow series

I KNOW.  This movie is overrated, blah-blah. But if you watch in a row you can debate on who is the hottest. And that is the whole point. And if everybody knows it by heart, who cares if you chat the whole time?  

 So, what do you think, who is the hottest? ^^

2. Dracula 2000

This movie requires a bag of popcorn, and funny scenes are frequent. I keep re-watching the scene where a leech jumps (!!!) to suck someone's eyeball. Also, the girls are hot. And a guy, who can fly while having sex? That's something new, I'd totally remain an immortal bloodsucker with him.

3. 27 dresses

A GOTH WEDDING!!!! And I've already stated, that I love romcoms, so what?


4. The Sleepy Hollow

Actually, I'm too scared to watch it alone, but most girls like it. I have no idea why...

...do you?

5. Anything by Tim Burton

 Seriosly. Anything. I know I've already mentioned Sleepy Hollow, but that one is just different.

6. Mean Girls

The reason is Janis Ian's character. Oh, and makes you think, outcasts can, actually, win sometimes.

7.  Any sort of Batman movie. 

My friend, Norewa prefers the new series, as she adores Christian Bale's muscular body acting skills. I prefer guys with better sense of humour...  

...and Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

8.  Fight Club

A classic. 

Borrowed from 9gag.com

You might also want to check the Suicide Girls photoshoot. Massive amount of boobies, and tattooed girls pretending to beat girls. 

More here...

9.  First Wives Club

LOL, another club. No gothness here, just Sarah Jessica Parker plays a gold digger surprisingly well. Oh,and Bette Middler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton play the lead roles! The book is even more awesome.

10.  Merlin (Hallmark version)

Queen Mab is a true style inspiration! 

And poor Mordred looks too handsome to hate. ^^ (You might realised, that I have a certain THING for shoulder-length wavy dark hair.)

11. Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the damned

 I can't remember the plot of Queen of the damned. Don't blame me. I got the soundtrack, it's nice.

My sister likes Tom Cruise, Mum fancies Antonio Banderas, wich leaves me with Brad Pitt. I am not complaining.

12. Underworld

It was  filmed partly in my homecity, Budapest! (Like Katy Perry's Firework video...) We can spot the places, we can laugh, when they say/show something incorrect about it. Like the blue subway in the line one, or the clean streets, or stating that he's gone to the 27th storey in a typical, classical 5-storey-high building. Also, more VAMPIRES!

What are your favourites to watch at a girly party?