2011. december 19., hétfő

BatFit 2012: Decluttering

Well. I know, it's not 2012 yet, but it's an essential point for me, to throw out anything I don't need anymore. I was just looking for a nice notebook to gothify, and I've found lots of stuff. 

What I keep, really affects my state of mind, so I decided, to keep the happy memories, and just trow away anything else. I am sorting things in three piles:
1. Don't need it anymore: litter bag.
2. I'll use it: put back where it was.
3. It's a memory: put in a nice box, write on: stuff from the past, then put it away.

I recommend it, because you are not only make more space in your room/house, but decide, wich parts of life are not important for you anymore. I am not  going to throw away everything from my past. Sometimes I look inside the "memory" boxes and throw away things.
The main thing about it, that I fell a bit purer.

So, at first I clean my room, then my mind, and my body will follow it.

2011. december 18., vasárnap

Gothic Lace Nails: DIY

1. You will need:
 A manicure set, one strip of lace, coloured nailpolish, top coat, and some nice blogs to read, for it takes HOURS for this to dry properly.

2. Manicure your nails, same length and shape is strongly adviced, else it looks messy. 

The quality is bad, but believe me, my nails ARE done here..
3. Measure te lace strip to your nails, and cut a small piece, with the same width as your nail. If it has not so nice parts (like to stripes at the bottom, like mine), just cut them.

Other techniques are also acceptable.
3. Put some coloured nailpolish on. I was hesitating between silver and red, but I 've chosen red, for silver sometimes gets through the lace, and makes the whole thing messy-looking, so it's risky.

Here comes the fun part...
4. Put some top coat on, than put the right sized lace on your nail, while the polish is still tacky. It's like gluing lace to your nails. Does it count as a non-permanent body modificaton? (I guess no...)

It should look like this:

Haha, my fingers are not THAT crooked, just the picture...
5. Cut the needless lace, you will need really sharp scissors. I don't have any, so I suffer with my blunt ones. Then add a top coat. Let it dry, an repeat, till you get a smooth surface.
It takes a while, so read some nice blogs or a poem, or watch Metropolis. 
Mine still needs a few topcoats, to make it waterproof.

6. They'll peel off after a few days, I keep some nail polish in my bag, so i can glue them back a few times. 

2011. december 5., hétfő

Christmas Crafting

In december, I'm always in a kind of rush, because I don't buy presents, I make them, since my childhood, but when I was five years old,  I just drew a christmas tree, or an angel for everybody, and nowadays I paint, or make some wearable. I ask for handmade present, if possible. (Not from my parents...) If you think a bit about it, you will understand: you can buy yourself anything, but time, and making a present requires time, and it will be unique. While making a present I feel very peaceful, and I like to think about how happy he/she wil be recieving such a nice hand-made thing.

Now, I was about to post pictures about some gothic (must not tell what), but since it is a christmas surprise, I don't want to spoil it. This small cabinet-looking jewelery box with poppies is for my mother, so it's safe to write about this one. I decorated the plain wood, using decoupage technique.

At first, I painted the whole thing white, let it dry, then glued up the poppies, (cut out from napkins), let it dry again, and varnished the whole thing. Oh, and I let it dry again, wich took a few days. I was thinking about adding some red, but that would be too much, so I just painted the insides of the drawers red.
How to make it goth? Imagine the whole thing painted purple, with black lace and/or rose patterns.
Here is another picture of it:

In the background, you can see my love's  real turntable.

2011. december 2., péntek

That bitch!-test

I guess everyone has it. You know who I am talking about, when I say "that bitch!" don't you? It might be a goth queen, who insulted you (hopefully only with her mere existence) when you were too insecure to kick her. Or it might be that topmodel-thin, natural blonde childhood friend of your boyfiend.  Exept if you are topmodel-thin, and natural blonde. Then she has wavy, black hair, and a perfect hourglass figure. That bitch can even be male, like your ex-boyfiend, or someone, you had a crush on, but let you down.

That bitch is someone, you pray not to run into, when you had no time to put on make-up, or even comb your hair properly. 

So, this is my trick: every time I leave the flat, I ask myself a question: "Am I good looking enough? What if I ran into that bitch? " If my answer is  "Oh, I am not ready for that!" then I'm not ready to leave. Maybe I just need a few accesories, adding some lip-colour, or a different hairstyle.

History: Once for no reason I dressed up all nice and neat, (Who I am kidding, I was wearing 20-eyed Shelleys, fishnet stockings, and a pretty-sexy black dress, and a super-cute Nightmare Before Christmas bag. ) I felt that I am really got "the look" of the first warm day. And then... I ran into her. She was pleading for some guy to spend the night, but the guy did not looked too impressed with the idea. I flashed an evil, patronising smile towards them, and I walked away. I became a few centimeters taller on that day. 
Now just imagine, what would have happened, if I was wearing some old jeans with a band T-shirt?




2011. december 1., csütörtök

First, but not the last

I had a few reasons, to start this blog, so I will make a list, because I like lists. ^^

1. Do It Yourselfs: Made the perfect small gothic box, some accessories, and one said I should share it, so it is on it's way, so is making anathomically correct bone-patterned things, because it annoys me to see anathomically incorrect ones. Seriously, if your hand's bone structure would have developed looking like this, you couldn't move your fingers.

2. Fashion: Recently, my ways of clothing changed, I look too ordinary for my name. I don't want to scare parents. (Remember, it's always the parents and othes adult members of society who are scared if you have purple hair and several body mods. Kids won't like you less. Kids will judge you only by your attitude towards them. )

3. Challenges: I read about several challenges on blogs, and I really would like to join a couple all of them. Maybe exept the "wear corset this month every day"-thingies, I coudn't tie my shoes in that ominous piece of clothing. Furthermore, catching an ADHD kid, who is about to hit the other kid with a shovel on the back of his head could be really challenging even if you can breathe properly... 

4. Life rules, strange habits: My goth, that sounds dramatic! But what did you expected from someone, who flies around with an umbrella? I got a few (sometimes funny) rules or tests for my life. Like the "That bitch!-test." Or tossing a coin, when making a deceision. Or quoting from random books, noone read, and get annoyed, because noone understands how witty I really am.

5. Lists: Wishlist, top ten things I want/hate list, lists of illnesses I'm sure I have, lists of whatever pops in my mind.

6. Practicing english: If anyone ever will read this, must point out my typos and grammar mistakes, because even if I am a perfet governess (admit it, all goth parents are dreaming about is a goth nanny), my english needs practising and improvement because I keep forgetting.

7. ...Just because it seems to be a good idea.